Atl-Atl (6/6/6)


May 5, 2005
Minnesota, USA
Another Mesoamerican flavor unit, although this was actually used all over the world in the Stone Ages. The Atl-Atl is a simple stick used to propel darts. Uses Mali Skirmisher animations.



MINOR ERROR: When he blows his horn in the fidget animation, the atl-atl looks like it's stabbing through his head. FIXED

EDIT: Darn, I posted this at 12:03! :mad: I wanted this unit to be demon spawn... :satan:
Ah yes, very nice. I just read about this device recently and thought about making it but decided it wouldn't work. Looks like I was wrong, great job :goodjob:
This shoud help a lot thanks!!! Could you add your Eagle Warrior animation with this???
One of you guys should grab a different avatar, it's driving me crazy. :D
sepamu92 said:
Slavic Sioux, Do you mean to make the Eagle Warrior throw his spear? If so, yeah I could probably do it.
No that is not what I meant what I meant was colud you hace both the eagal warrior and the At-al-t to be in the same mod.All tough that would be cool to have an Eagal Warroir throw his spear.
Oh yah I grabed another Avatar to have less confusion.
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