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Dec 19, 2017
Welcome to VP Congress Session #6!

We have quite an agenda this session! Yet, somehow after all those proposals, we ended up with fewer proposal threads than last time! Funny how that works out. :crazyeye:

There were notably a lot of counterproposals this session, so expect a lot of different flavors of ice cream as you browse the polls.

Voting closes on November 7th, 2023 at 12 PM CST. This is just short of a week from now. As most votes are cast shortly after the Voting Phase begins, this should be ample time for voting.

Many thanks to our three Magi, @Stalker0, @axatin and @Hinin, for their valuable contributions in running the VP Congress this session!

Voting Instructions:
Spoiler :

In general, our votes are multiple choice and voting is public. You may change your vote at any time until the voting period is closed.

Majority Rules: A proposal must receive a yes vote that is the majority of votes cast AND must be 25 or more votes, otherwise the proposal counts as a NO. Example: If a proposal received 20 yes votes, and 18 no votes....while the yes vote received more it didn't meet the 25 vote standard and so would be counted as a no.

Supermajority Rules: In rare cases we have proposals that are considered such a large change to the mod that we want to ensure a large portion of the community really wants them. For these proposals (which are marked on the proposal itself), a Yes option must receive a full 75% of all votes cast in order to be approved.

There are 3 types of voting:
  • Single Yes/No choice
Vote 1.png

The most straightforward proposal. You can vote yes to include it into Vox Populi; vote no to indicate you don't want it included. You can even vote for both options if you want to indicate that you have no preference.

  • Multiple Options (Exclusive Choice)
Vote 2.png

For these proposals, there are multiple options you can choose from. Ultimately only one of the options can be incorporated into the mod, so the one that has the most votes will win, or none of them will be implemented if the No option receives the majority.

  • Multiple Options (Inclusive Choice)
Vote 3.png

These proposals also have multiple options, but the mod can accommodate one or more of them. For these proposals we give the options representing all of the combinations. So in our example, you could vote for the first option only, the second option only, both the options together, or none of the options.

A Few Highlights
There are five major reworks to espionage that have been proposed, all of which fundamentally redesign the system. Three of them are variants of the same system, while the other two are unique.

We frequently receive complaints about the espionage system. If you have issues with how things currently are, please cast your vote in (6-36) Espionage Overhaul!

(6-34) Disable Events System By Default requires a Supermajority Vote (75%+ Yes) in order to pass.

There are seven proposals, which I think is a new record, to rework the Acquire City quest: (6-06) CS Quest: Acquire City Quest Proposals

(6-20 & 6-21 & 6-22) Manufactory, Forge and Pantheon Proposals is especially complicated, although I have done my best to make the options more understandable. Please take your time when voting on it.

Here is the master list of all voting threads for this session (or just the list, but calling it the "master list" sounds cooler):
(6-01) Capture Unit Update Proposals
(6-02) Late Game Extra TR Proposals
(6-03) Move Moai Defense Bonus to Encampment
(6-04) Make Moai Passable for Ships
(6-05) Small Display Modification for Faith Points
(6-06) CS Quest: Acquire City Quest Proposals
(6-07) Amphitheater/Gallery/Opera House Gold and Maintenance Adjustment Proposals
(6-08) Field Gun Art Update Proposals
(6-09) Tourism from Religion Change Proposals
(6-10) Multiple Civs Can Have A Monopoly
(6-11) Add Turns Until Gift Counter to Militaristic City-States
(6-12) Change Prerequisite for Broadcast Tower
(6-13) Great Merchant Bulb Changes
(6-14) Galley Buff Proposals
(6-15) Nuclear Non-Proliferation WC Changes
(6-16) Allow Border Growth Yields to Continue Triggering After Cities Run Out Of Tiles To Claim
(6-17) Allow Humans To Offer Instant Items For Per-Turn Items But Block AI Requests For Them
(6-18) Allow Vote Trading With Lump Sum Gold, Remove Any Option to "Reclaim Votes"
(6-19) God of War Changes
(6-20 & 6-21 & 6-22) Manufactory, Forge and Pantheon Proposals
(6-23) God of Craftsmen Buff
(6-24) Abode of Peace / Orthodoxy Change
(6-25) Sacred Sites - Rework (based on @Stalker0 version)
(6-26) No AIFreeXPPercent Increase to XP Gain In AI vs AI Combat
(6-27) City-State Quests No Longer Reward Great People Points in a City If None Of That Type Are Stockpiled
(6-28) Changes to Ivory Distribution and/or War Elephants
(6-29) Change City-State Coup Quest Reward
(6-30) Coal Spawn Changes
(6-31) GPTI Bonuses Scaling
(6-32) Changes to God of Stars and Sky
(6-33) Move Coal Reveal from Steam Power to Chemistry
(6-34) Disable Events System By Default
(6-35) Great Musician Tour Happiness Buff
(6-36) Espionage Overhaul
(6-37) Remove Overlap Between "Goddess of the Hunt" and "God of the Stars and Sky"
(6-38) Cities Can Only Ask For Revealed Resources (WLTKD)
(6-39) Caravansary Changes (+Bank)
(6-40) Make Villages Available Earlier
(6-41) Rework Submarine Promotion Tree + Stats
(6-42) Recon Unit Line Reworks
(6-43) City Garrison Damage
(6-44) Balance (or Equalize % Chance of) City-State Traits
(6-45) Balance City-State Personalities
(6-46 & 6-47) Weaken City's Religious Pressure in Your Owned Era + Different Scaling / Notre Dame Rework
(6-48) Make Jungle on Grassland Viable on Other Mapscripts That Use Default Feature Generation
(6-49) Unique Improvement Enhancements Reworks
(6-50) Global Hegemony Majority: Gives 5 rather than 2 Votes
(6-51) Lategame Buff to Camps
(6-52) Always (or Never) Include Laborers in the set of Specialists
(6-53) Remove Maintenance from Agribusiness
(6-54) War Weariness Rework
(6-55) Proposals to Rename Ideologies / Authority
(6-56) Tribute Tweaks Part 1: Make Influence Penalty Harsher
(6-57) Tribute Tweaks Part 2: Heavy Tribute Rewards
(6-58) Tribute Tweaks Part 3: Increase Minimum Threshold for Normal Tribute
(6-59) Tribute Gold Scaling Adjustment
(6-60) Can't Sell Cities Founded By Their Current Owner
(6-61) India UA Rework
(6-62) Remove Dependence on Monument for Border Growth Rate
(6-63) Show Global Mutual Exclusiveness in the UI
(6-64) Balancing Classical Era UB - Runestone
(6-65) Balancing Classical Era UB - Tetraconch
(6-66) Revision of the Celtic Pantheons
(6-67) Siam Rework
(6-68) Increase Unit Maintenance (Particularly for Large Armies)
(6-69) Swap Horses and Iron on the Top Panel
(6-70) Add New City-States When Major Civs Are Absent Ingame
(6-71) AI Difficulty Adjustment: Weaker Ancient/Stronger Renaissance
(6-72) Change Requirements for Pledge of Protection
(6-73) Keep or Revert Change to Bowman/Atlatlist Promotions
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Proposal 6-73 has been added to the master list, after it was discovered that the outcome of the 4-19 vote was manipulated. Please vote whether to keep or revert the change.
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