Nov 29, 2001
I just discovered the glory of the Babylonians in Civ3. I used to exclusively play the Romans because of the Legions, however I found many benefits to playing the Babylonians over them. Number one - I like to play on small to mid-sized continents. Usually there is another civ there with me that I have to eliminate.
The Babylonian Bowman is not an extremely powerful unit, however it is stronger than any unit that will coincide with it. They also come at a very early time in the game and require no resources. Meanwhile, in order to build legions or swordsmen Iron is required. So it is good to have that early offensive unit to gain control of the entire continent before they have time to build a stronger unit.
Second, the Babs are religious so there is no waiting period when switching governments.
So, two big benefits. One is the early cheap offensive unit. The other is the ability to move between governments.
Also they have scientific trait. With the minor bonus to research, it also makes libraries and universities cheaper to build. As the religious makes temples etc. cheaper, they can build lot's of culture fast.
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