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Backing up saved games


Nov 27, 2001
I had to reinstall XP the other day and I backed up the .sav file of the game I was playing onto a CDR. Reinstalled XP and Civ3, reapplied the 1.17f patch, put the .sav file in the Saves folder. But now everytime I try to load it I get an error and windows tells me it has to shut down Civ3.

I can start new games with no problem. Anyone else ever had trouble backing up a saved game before or know what might be causing this?
I've had the same problems as you. It's a shame too, I had a game on diety in modern times and I hadn't died yet.
Well, can you remember what version you of the game you were playing when you saved the game? Most likely you had 1.17f and you forgot to reinstall patch.:cool:
I had the 1.17f patch before I uninstalled and when I reinstalled I put the patch back in so that's not the reason it doesn't work for me.
1.17f before and after the reinstall. I actually finally got this game to load a few days later. It just started working for some reason, but there were big graphical glitches in it. The borders around the names of cities were all floating in space, misaligned from their respective towns and some other pretty annoying things. At least I got to finish my game though.

Odd that it started working out of the blue like that. Didn't change any system settings or anything to account for why it finally loaded.
Welcome to Civ 3.
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