Bah, I'm so incompetent.

Lord Apolon

Apr 28, 2002
I don't know how this happened, but y'know those unit buttons at the bottom of the screen? Fortify, disband, build city, worker actions, etc.? Well, now mine are on the side of the screen. I don't know how I got them to move, and I don't know how to move them back. I don't like them where they are.

So how do I move them back?

Neat that they have this feature, though... but I don't need it.

WHen this first happpened to me it was because I knocked my mouse onto the keyboard. I thought I broke the game so I took a screenshot and sent it to thunderfall. He sent me a somewhat condescending email back (minus the arrogance).
Amusing that I've had CivIII since it first came out (Got it a month before I got my PC; that was agony. :D No Mac version then...) and this has never happened before.
That happened to me too once, then the buttons somehow got back to where they were meant to be.
Awesome, thanks BomberEscort. I was wondering how the screenshots on the cvi3 site had them on the side. I was wanting to try that configuration.
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