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Nov 21, 2005
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The 'tradition' of the DRAW Your Own Story thread has now reached its tenth installment. In homage to what is quickly developing cult status, I have created this gallery where the veteran DYOSers can exhibit their past cartoons without fear of plotholes or deadlines.

Did your comic have a deeper message the other forumers missed? Was there a secret brilliance behind the stupidity? The floor is yours in Best of DYOS: come on in and talk about the Good Ol' Days!

This was my first cartoon ever for DYOS. I had discovered DYOS 5 back in July and had followed it with anticipation, but it took me so long to finish it was over before I could begin. Lucky enough for me, DYOS 6 was still below 20 pages, and I thought I could fit myself in without causing too much disturbance.

At the time of my first few comics, my goal was speed and quality (and humour, if at all possible). Since the plot was advancing rapidly when I joined, I tried to keep the comics as short as possible while at the same time progressing my character.
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My very first DYOS comic. Look at how tiny my font was.
It started off with me and Stylesjl arguing in the comic. This got Stylesjl into DYOS. My very first post was actually this comic, I found the storyline very witty and funny and I liked it a lot. Of course, I had a reasonable idea and I kept it throughout most of the story, but I was trying to interact with everyone later on that I made myself not really like and had to diverge from the plot to deal with new situations.

Of course, this does not reveal what the whole argument was between me and my brother. You'll have to find out in DYOS 5
I'm especially proud of this one, my only regret is the mischaracterization of Plot, which I han't the privilage to read sufficiently and truely appreciate him.

This is my 2nd comic ever, in DYOS 9. It was urging people to stop arguing over dumb things and get back on track of the story (at the time, there was much hostility between Stylesrj and everybody else, especially CivGeneral, which later got worse), while being funny at the same time. It also showed that I do not draw the Arbiter very well.

Obviously, this comic did very little.
Ahhhh yes, the Brotherhood of MOD. A one-hit wonder if ever there was one!

This next picture was my third-ever comic. Believe it or not, I was once funny. :p

The most important element of this cartoon is my willingness to admit my mediocrity. I had watched DYOS 5 drive itself into the ground because the posters adamantly refused to co-operate, and I was determined to be as flexible as possible.

I was both surprised and empowered to learn that a veteran found this very funny (Kan' Sharuminar, no less). I've often looked back on this comic to see why it was so enjoyable; I've tried, with varying success, to make future comics as good as this one. To this day, I consider a compliment from Kan to be the highest honour.
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I loved the Moderator one, Perfection :thumbsup:

I rather liked these ones:

In response to Perfs Wargames comic:

And since I've never had a chance to show it - one of my sheets practising drawing CFC posters for the first time:

And since it led to the Member Comic Quiz Threads ;):
Spoiler :
My unceremonious DYOS debut can be found here, here and here (in three parts, in that order). It's something a lot of an embarassment.

Anyway, here's a nice little gem from DYOS 5. It's CivGeneral tribute to MontyPython and as far as I know the only attempt made in DYOS at a musical. Enjoy. :)


This comic was a direct follow-up to my invasion of Scotland. I deliberately refrained from using any terminology that suggested my little kingdom was not up to speed on technological advancements. I was backwards, but not stupid.

This was also when I introduced the running gag of olive oil. I'd decided from story's start that until I possessed the Fridge of the Mods, I could not drink any generally recognized beverage (and this promise was broken only once). The choice of olive oil was inspired by reading an article in National Geographic.

The final panel highlights Bjørn's character well. I may be the man of attention, but it is often he who calls the shots. I suppose the relation between us is that of Cardinal Richelieu to Louis XIII... or maybe Jeeves to Wooster.
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Lol perfection :lol:

I made this character to explain a plot in DYOSX

The Angel Vampire Buttlegged Marula Juice Bottle Whith Sunglasses :D
Oh yeah, the Nuclear waste drinking giant rideable super chef pirate puppy and his rocket cot

That could win DYOS without even blinking an eye
The beginnings of the ill-fated DYOS IV:
I'm actually proud of those.

Then some other DYOSer revelaed that SuperCiv was a cover used to spammer attack on the CFC. Cue the tons of panels with nothing but ships, lasers, good guys, bad guys and explosions as far as the eye can see.

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