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Nov 21, 2005
A Palace north of Oslo
Welcome to the new age of DYOS! Before you begin, perhaps you would like to look back on the Good Ol' Days?

DYOS 1 - Lost
DYOS 2 - Deleted by Will of the Mods
DYOS 3 - Lost
DYOS 4 - Lost
DYOS 5 - Lost
DYOS 6 - Lost
DYOS 7 - Lost
DYOS 8 - Lost
DYOS 9 - Lost
DYOS 10.5 (in progress)

WRITE Your Own Story - the reboot
Write Your Own Story: A Prairie Apocalypse (in progress)

After past few disastrous threads, DYOS has been fortified with a host of new rules, in the hope of making your experience more enjoyable. We also feature a consul (see below) to try and keep DYOS fluent and fun. If you have any questions, ask the consul!

Rules of DYOS

* Allow for at least one comic by a different poster between contributions when the thread is strongly active.
* No grievous harm or radical plot change involving another poster's character without said poster's consent.
* Limit main character roster to as small a group as feasible. Minor characters unlimited.
* No flaming, period. Report infractions to a moderator.
* Keep plot devices reasonable. Avoid 'wonder weapons' and fantastic twists if they serve no greater purpose.
* NO time travel, and NO parallel universes.
* Nothing forbidden by the CFC rules.

Anyone who so wishes may contribute to the story. All artistic styles are accepted.
Please put effort into your cartoon. Avoid cheaply-done Cut-and-Paste, if possible.
Above all else, have FUN!!

The DYOS Consul

DYOS is now run by a consul. Any forumer who posts a cartoon is automatically entered into the consulate, and can debate on issues relating to the story. To avoid cluttering this thread, discussions will occur in a separate thread devoted solely to the consul (link below). To pass a motion, a majority vote of 66% of the consulate is required. If, however, a week has passed and no further action has been taken regarding the motion, the vote will be tallied as it stands. Members are suspended from the consulate if they have not contributed to the story for a week (they are automatically reinstalled when they post a new cartoon). If you will be inactive for a prolonged period of time, please be courteous and notify the consul beforehand.

The consul oversees the following:
* Planning and organizing the story
* Placing posters on probation (see below)
* Expelling posters from the consulate (and thus, involvement in the story)
* Decisions regarding the future of the thread itself

If a poster has violated any of the rules, the consulate will vote to place the perpetrator on probation.
1st Probation: 2 days between comics
2nd Probation: 3 days between comics
3rd Probation: 5 days between comics
If the offender continues to break the rules, the consul may suspend the offender indefinitely.

Note that the intent of the consul is not to control the story's contributors, but to improve plot coherency, and hopefully the story overall. Whether or not you are a contributor or observer, please feel free to voice your recommendations. We're here as much for your enjoyment as our own!
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The DYOS Consul

Link to the Consul

(Suspended names in brackets)
Angst; (Captain2); (choxorn); Chukchi Husky; (CivCube); Triumvir CivGeneral; (DaemonDD); (e350tb); Gruekiller; JohannaK; (KaiserElectric); (Kan' Sharuminar); (kill fire); (MartinLuther); (NinjaCow64); Omega124; (Perfection); (Reus); Robert Can't; (SamSniped); (Stylesjl); First Lady (Stylesrj); Vice-Consul (taillesskangaru); Consul Thorvald of Lym; Tolni

6 votes needed for majority ruling

First Probation:
none :goodjob:

Second Probation:
none :goodjob:

Third Probation:
none :goodjob:

none :goodjob:
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I will silently break into your place and passionately make love to you. Not really, but that possibly sounds badass.
Another day, another DYOS.

Spoiler The story so far :
Our hero Gruekiller, hurtled into the depths of space with his friends Shake and Valerie, has just confronted his old mentor, Bowie, the dictator of the North African state of Transatlasia. Apparently killed at the hands of his erstwhile teacher, who took Gruekiller's power armor as he went, Gruekiller is enveloped by a mysterious burst of golden light, perhaps not so dead as he seemed...

When last we left off...

Gruekiller in...
Draw Your Own Story
Arc One:
Another Day, Another Face

An inauspicious beginning, as art style goes, seeing as I drew these many months ago (DYOS Hiatusland is a dark place), but the beginning of our story is lain. For those unaware, the new bloke with the blonde hair is GK, newly regenerated (a la Doctor Who).

"... and that's not how I'm introducing myself."
:lol: You guys are awesome.

WROOOOONG! Just shoot Mariko and

Link to video.

Dragging the plot from FTR over to DYOS is a bad, bad idea, because the people who haven't followed it at all are at a loss. You start DYOS 12 in media res, then you have to explain wtf happened which led to that situation, which you shouldn't because it'd take too long and needlessly drag this further. Instead, you could have had Mariko shot, have a brief exposition scene summarising events from FTR and from here launch a brand-new DYOS arc. But you didn't.

still, I have faith in you, this was just my fear talking.
In my defense Joan, the comic takes place at the tail end of FTR, not in media res (If it were the plot of FTR would have been dragged into 12 during the Battle of Terra Nova). Also, I don't want to shoot Mariko and "get on with it" without developing her character. Plus, I still have plans for her.
I this is the tail end of FTR, CG, I believe it should belong in FTR, not DYOS XII, since people who don't follow FTR will be at a loss here. I really mean it, if this were the last comic of FTR, you could use it here as an anchor, as I suggested before. But it's okay, you are free to do as you choose to.
The problem is not the plot, but that it does not belong in this thread.
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