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  • So the -good- news is, your XII works haven't been blocked.

    The -bad- news is, they all got shrunk into nigh-illegibility.

    Literally the only comic I can use properly is the Tabitha page. :p
    Wished my older comics did that ;p.
    Hey mate, would you mind if I referenced your thing in WYOS (or possibly even elaborated on it)? Specifically the whole WE RISE thing. Just wanted to ask because you hadn't posted there in a while. :)
    Ah, finally, I can post VM's and send PM's. Kinda idiot comes up with a five day rule for those? Anyway. How's it been going Styles?

    I'd tell you where I'm hanging out now but there's no roleplaying forum there.
    More people would, but all the stuff involving big <treasure ships> that I make isn't allowed on CFC. So people don't have the knowledge necessary to make it. :p
    Even with all the anti-spam and post-control messages so it doesn't grow 10 pages a day? :(

    You break my heart, Styles. :lol:
    'ey dawg! Ya up for sum Imperiam Offtopicam?

    ...Ahem. ANYWAY.

    IOT II is up, so you're free to join, since there's plenty of open areas, and I also have separate things created in the IOT Group so you can actually have a clue what the hell is going on.
    Haaaa, so true. :lol:

    What about the fact IOT IV's only been around a month and yet it already has 3500+ posts? :mischief:

    That beats the rate of expansion of the universe...
    Bad Styles. :p You should know better!

    I wish you were a part of IOT... then you could join in the fun of being lampooned. :mischief:

    Ah well!

    ...wait. I have an idea. You should, in your journeys, somehow run into Mathalamus... battle of the powergamers! :lol:
    Aha, you replied on your visitor message wall! That's why I didn't get a message. :p

    I'm glad you liked it. :) I hope the "TF vs Thorvald" one will be just as epic.

    Oh, sweet! I will definitely use them to get into some hilarious shenanigans, of course. As my profile on the DYOS wiki says, there is a "chili dog incident" coming up which I hope will cause all DYOSers to shoot random assorted beverages from their nose like a soda fountain.
    I don't think there's a word in the English language to describe the comic. I don't think hilarious would cover it...

    As for otherwordly powers? No, it means you have otherworldly powers. You only join the powergamer club when you use them to powergame :lol:
    "I can't describe this with words. :goodjob:"

    I feel it was the best way to relay their powergaming. If you followed the monstrously-large IOT, you'd know Omega fired cruise missiles at Math. Math then said most missed - despite the fact most cruise missiles hit being homing tech - and fired back some of his own. Omega then said the missiles hit NYC and destroyed several of its skyscrapers.

    And I said their playground shenanigans were akin to the opening of the level "Cavern Catastrophe" in Crash Twinsanity.

    So I twisted it a bit here and there... and bam, the first episode of Imperium OfftopicDUMB! :lol:

    :rotfl: On a related note, I see Thorvald added a part to the DYOS wiki that I have "otherwordly powers"... does this mean I've joined the Powergamer club? :mischief:
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