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Best Song Ever?


Voodoo Economist
Nov 24, 2003
San Diego, CA
With all the serious threads around, I thought I'd try to lighten it up around here. So what is, in your opinion, the best song ever? Note that I do not say, "favorite song". I want to know what you think is the best, not whatever takes your fancy presently. I don't care about genre's or anything. If you think some of Tchaikovsky's symphonies were the most brilliant pieces of sound you've heard, post it!

For me, I'd have to say "Stairway to Heaven", by Led Zeppelin, is the best. It slowly builds up, becoming louder and louder until you reach the apex of the 8 minutes. It is pure brilliance of song writing. Slowly adding different instruments, with lyrics that can be interpreted differently, and abundant undertones for the listener who wants all he/she can get from his music. Listening hard nets you the bonus of being able to recognize the subtle synthesizer beats under the acoustic guitar. Then a brilliant transition to electric guitar solo near the end, climaxing, and fading off with a final line. Best. Song. Ever.
"Do as infinity" from D.A.I. a j-pop group wich also has my second and third favorite song.
Gavin Rossdale "Adrenaline"

Don't know why I love it so much.
Savatage - morphine child

Powerful, emotional, melodic and very good lyrics. The last 3 minutes with the chanting is pure hair-raising genius.
Originally posted by cgannon64
I can't really think of a best song.

If I had to, it would probably be something by the Beatles.

i like to talk about music...and - yes - i have favorites. but best song ever?...strange thread...
Originally posted by Wolfe Tone
Metallica - One
Funny, your not the first one I see saying that. Funny because, being a Metallica fan myself I dont think its very good compared to many of the other old songs.
Originally posted by Yoda Power
Funny, your not the first one I see saying that. Funny because, being a Metallica fan myself I dont think its very good compared to many of the other old songs.
I just love that song. The intro seems so upbeat for such a depressing song. Then Kirk's solos are amazing (although not quite as good as Damage Inc.) Although Sanitarium and Fade to Black would be a close joint second. To be quite honest I love all their stuf.
Originally posted by Lifeblood

Even St. Anger? :D
Ok, while it is quite possibly the biggest pile of crap they have ever produced, compared to some of the stuff by other bands it's not too bad.
I'm rather fond of 1812 Overture. That, and Bolero take me away in ways that newer music doesn't.

If I'd go with more current music, I'd have to say it's a toss up between Kasmir and Comfortably Numb.
The INTERNATIONALE by Pierre Degeyter, Adolphe Degeyter and Eugène Pottier
The Battle is Going Again by A.Pakhmutova and N.Dobronravov
Comfortably numb, replaced High hopes, which in turn replaced Learning to fly.
Hard to narrow it down to the greatest, but here are some I consider near perfect:

Iron Maiden - Rime of the Ancient Mariner. This song is remarkable in the way it creates atmosphere, taking the poem and coverting the chaos it relates into a rock song, coupling it with periods of melancholy, keeping it stable for fifteen minutes and then finishing it with an absolute defineitive last act. Maiden at thier best. Alexander the Great, Fear of the Dark and Hallowed Be Thy Name are all excellent songs as well

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here manages to use seamlessly blend vocals and inturmentals.

And of course...Hey Jude :D
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