Best way to get CIV IV BTS running on Mac - 2022 edition?


Jun 1, 2020
Hey folks,

After playing lots of Civ VI for the last few years, I'm ready to dive back in to the GOAT, Civ IV BTS with History Rewritten. As of April 2022, what's the best way to get BTS running on an Intel Mac? Is Crossover the best option and if so, what's the best configuration to get it running correctly? Last time I tried to run BTS on Crossover a few years back there were issues with tiles displaying incorrect yields.

Thanks, community!
I use Parallels to run Windows 7 as a virtual computer and run CIV there, when I want to run any mods (other than BUG). For an Intel Mac, you can also search in the History Rewritten forum for Xyth's method to patch CIV and/or the system OS to run the Mac version of CIV on later versions of Mac OSX.
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