Best way to remove wonders or modify existing wonders?


Jun 4, 2023
Hello! I've been trying to work on a mod idea I've had for a while but I've been struggling to figure out the best way to do it. I'm trying to have it so that either every wonder in the game is The Great Bath, or remove every other wonder and have The Great Bath be the only wonder that can be built (multiple times). Everything I've tried so far to get this to work has been unsuccessful. Here's what i tried so far:
  • Using SQL to remove all other wonders. This resulted in a foreign key error as other tables required the removed wonders to work.
    • I then tried to remove the values from the other tables but that wasn't working
  • Using SQL to change all BuildingTypes to BUILDING_GREAT_BATH (And all other values to that of the great bath). That didn't work because BuiuldingType is a Primary Key and can't have duplicate values in it.
    • I also tried remaking the table without BuildingTypes as the pk and reassigning the foreign keys but that wasn't working.
  • Using XML to modify the data. I didn't really get anywhere with that.
  • I also tried copying other mods' code that attempts to do the same thing but it didn't work for me
  • I even tried modifying MaxWorldInstances so that multiple of them could be built but it wouldn't let the same player build it multiple times (Is this even possible with wonders?)

Does any one know the best way to go about trying to do what I'm doing?

Thanks in advance,
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