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  1. R

    Help in my first mod

    Hey guys, I started to play civ6 with friends and we always make jokes about our (real) city in game, so I started to make by my own a mod that add our city in civ, but the leader NEVER appear on the leaders list, I tried a lot of resolutions but nothing I do solves this problem. If someone...
  2. S

    Custom leader no peace once war declared

    Hello Civfanatics, Would it be possible to make my custom civ leader not to be able to make peace at all once war is declared either way? I am trying to achieve what the forever war mod: does, but just for my civ leader, perhaps...
  3. W

    Need Help with Preserve Model

    Hello guys, I encountered a problem during my first mod. I have created a district that replaces the preserve district. However I can't seem to find the model for preserve when I open the asset editor. I know that preserve is in KublaiKhan_Vietnam folder so I changed requiredgameartids from...
  4. R

    Hiring Civ 6 modders for a project

    Hello, I'm riku_te_seduse, a multiple-content streamer who sometimes plays civ 6. I'm trying to organize a event for me and my community making a modded game inspired on my city, Vigo. the only thing is that i don't have the knowledge to mod civ 6 properly or even making the models for my...
  5. Queen Theophania

    A few concepts for Native American City States

    Hey y'all, this forum might not be the best place to put this (and if it isn't then the mods are totally free to move this thread) but I want to make a mod that adds several Native American City States (from both North and South America). I originally only wanted to ashow this to Zaarin to ask...
  6. Noxempire

    Question about error message in the logs

    I have modded a bit of stuff already, I am not completely new to the concept of reading the logs and fixing problems, but: Sometimes I am really confused by them. There is stuff that is completely logical to me like "Couldn't find table/file xy" But stuff like this puzzles me: [1782953.893]...
  7. Griffinton

    Creating an alternative leader

    How would one make an alternative leader for an already existing Civilization, let's say... Japan?
  8. Gameboy2396

    [GS] Named Features Error (new version of Gedemon's Basic Modern Civilizations) - Test on GitHub here!

    Hello, everyone. So, I have decided to fork Gedemon's Basic Modern Civilizations for YnAMP, and add new stuff to it, such as favored religions, citizen names, unique diplomacy quotes, and (what's not working right now), named places. The named places system is my favorite new feature in...
  9. Jeebie99

    Need help getting my two .sql files working

    I've been fiddling around with these two modifications I want to make to Cleopatra's leader ability, but so far I've nothing to show for it. I didn't expect to get stumped on something that seemed simple, but alas. I'm trying to change the amount of bonus gold she receives from international...
  10. G

    Total newbie at modding, want to implement new era music

    Hello! I have created some different versions of some civ era tracks on m youtube channel ( and I would like to implement them into a public civ mod for anyone that likes that sort of thing. Trouble is, I have no one grain of modding know-how and...
  11. R

    [GS] How do I mod Civ 6?

    I've been trying for months now to add some new civilizations to Civ 6 but to no avail. Everything I've found either automatically expects you to know how to edit the files, or is like Keniisu who's tutorial was the only one that I understood, until he decided to end 3 episodes in and switch to...
  12. AntSou

    Civ 7 Speculation: Fundamental changes.

    Civ 7 needs to be a significant enough departure from Civ 6 to justify the purchase. Here are some fundamental changes I speculate we'll see: 1. They'll replace the big leaders and complex movements with simplified portraits similar to Civ IV; 2. They'll ditch the millennial Civs/Leaders in...
  13. F

    Asset editor doesn't load

    I tried to load the asset editor a couple of times but I get this message every single time: "Assert Failed File: c:\buildagent\work\acf3423fb2e59e7\civtech\libs\string\common\String_PlatformFunctions.h Line: 1192 Expression: eResult == Platform::ConvertString_CalcLength Message: Time...
  14. Lonecat Nekophrodite

    (Mod Potential) Percussion Primer Technology

    A mod potential thread, by modders for modders. Should Percussion Primer (AKA Percussion caps, with shock sensitive agent made of Mercury Fulminate) be an industrial era technology that comes between Scientific Theory and Rifling? - If so what should it do - If not. why?
  15. N

    Downloading ModBuddy without Steam?

    Hi, I bought CIV VI from Epic Games and I want to download ModBuddy but unfortunately, I couldn't find any other resources other than Steam. I believe it's free so I am surprised when I couldn't find it... Is it possible to download it any other way?
  16. Noxempire

    [GS] I am new to modding and have 3 questions

    I am trying to make a really basic civ with ModBuddy. I am getting along alright with the software. I want to do nothing too flashy. I just have some questions. 1. Which template to use? Most people seem to use Keniisu's template, but isn't that one incomplete? His tutorials do not include how...
  17. K

    Mod has no effect, please help (sql)

    hello everyone having trouble getting this to work and have no idea what else to do I added dependencies: nothing added load order, high number: nothing switched from xml to sql: nothing checked the modding.log: no errors concerning this mod it should give the designated leaders a fixed hidden...
  18. Z

    New Civ Texture Error

    It's my first time modding in civ 6 and I thought everything was going well until I hit build were it came up with exec(0, 0) : error asset: (UIErrorTexture) it then informed my that the build had succeded with 0 failed, i thought it was weird and went to play test, Non of the menu textures...
  19. S

    [GS] Modding help - Custom Buildings

    Hi there. So i have been busy for hours non stop to make a custom building just 1 out of the few i would like to make. HOWEVER after several hours of trying i just CANNOT get the mod to work! while everything should be fine.... This is 1 of them i have been making. Can i get some help with...
  20. B

    WB: Floodplains & Geographic Features

    Hello there, I came back to Civ6 after... two years I guess? And I'm currently creating a new map. Since I'm still pretty new to all the expansion stuff, I have a few questions regarding the interaction between custom maps and some of the new features. First of all, I'm wondering about how the...
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