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Better combat


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Jan 4, 2002
So ive played with the editor alot. Ive got all the new unit additions I could find added. It sure does add variety to the game....

So as im sitting there with my modern armor the germans send an elite warrior over and attack. MY armor dies. hmmmm. I kinda think of units as more then one piece of armor. a Warrior is not really on guy with an axe but 100 or so, so logically the same would apply to armor. Most guys with an axe and a kilt (except maybe william wallace) would die in the face of a tank.

My solution to this problem was to enter the civ editor and double all combat values for non first era units. Ok, so the modern armor now has an attack value of 64.

Now some people would complain this isnt realistic. To this is say BS. Take a 2x4, hit it with an axe, Then go into your garage and get out the 105 millmeter cannon and fire it at the 2x4. Which did more damage? Make sure you use HEAT rounds for this test as aphids arent terribly practicle for backyard tests.

I have played a few games like this and it seems greatly more realistic however I have silly lost the occasional modern armor unit to spearman and the like. Ill give them a lucky blow factor.

Nothing can be done really about aircraft..... They still pretty much suck. Thats gotta be fixed by the programmers.
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