Big and Small Free For All

hmm - I cannot open the save - flashes something about wrong assets and closes Civ before I can really read it.

Edit: I checked the test save and I can open that. This is really strange.
I'm sure this is becuase I changed my Civ Core dll per your suggestion.

I'm going to delete the file I downloaded from you and rename my Civ Core dll OLD to the regular one. That should work.

Unfortunately, I can't do this until tomorrow. Sorry :(

(This is the exact same error I got when opening your saves before)
So, i send the save always to mc_red - Mansa Musa, right?

My email is ppsecATwindowsliveDOTcom

AND DMOC could you, edit all emails to first post of topic, so it would be easy find it.
mcred dot civ at gmail dot com
I got the new file - doesn't load - same problem with different assets.
I get a 'different assets' error message. I suggest removing me from this game as I don't see a way for me to continue. Good luck all.
I'm afraid this game will have to be canceled. It seems like I can't connect to ANY computer right now. :mad: Sorry everyone (it's not ruff's problem, it's mine).

Could this problem be solved by asking for help on the Technical Support forum?
The easiest solution might be a complete uninstall / reinstall.
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