Carthago Creanda Est
Jul 14, 2003
Civ Fanatics! Do you love playing for score victory, but regret that it's over so soon? Do you run out of space on huge maps before hitting the city limit? Do you miss seeing all of your rivals when they're excluded from a game? Then this mod is for you.

BIGGER BETTER WORLDS is a simple mod for sophisticated Civilization enjoyers who prefer the full game experience. No more 540-turn overnight blitzes. No more fitting everyone on the Foreign Advisor screen. No more wondering if you can take a bathroom break between turns.

BIGGER BETTER WORLDS features FIVE all new world sizes - calibrated with linear regression technology! - and a 1000-turn calendar for maximum gaming experience. For your convenience, all world sizes come with a full complement of thirty-one civilizations. You can always set some players to "None"... if you're a lightweight.

Not convinced yet? Feast your eyes on this spec sheet:

World SizeDimensionsCivilizations
Big Boi200x20031
Absolute Unit280x28031
Yo Momma320x32031

Just download the BIQ to your scenarios directory to start playing BIGGER BETTER WORLDS.

BIGGER BETTER WORLDS is dedicated to designer @Soren Johnson without whom we would not still be playing a game of such epic scope and longevity. So clear your calendar, grab some emergency rations, and let a buddy know you to find you in BIGGER BETTER WORLDS. We'll see you in six months.
250x250 was one of my most fav AW maps. Hope you scaled the tech cost.
I think I settled on 220x220 as my preferred extra-huge map size a while back, so somewhere between Big Boi and Chonker. I'd have to think that you'd run into the 512 city limit on Absolute Unit and larger, right? Unless perhaps it's 80% ocean, or restrictions such as no cities on deserts are added.
250x250 was one of my most fav AW maps. Hope you scaled the tech cost.
Can confirm that the tech cost is scaled! Whereas C3C Huge is set at 400, the costs here are 520/640/780/900/1000.

I'm surprised no one has come up with this idea previously. Seems like a natural idea for the Fanatic who wants more map!
Just a heads up that there is already a complete mod pack called Bigger, Better, Worlds. It is older, but pretty big and well done.
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