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BNH02: 2+2= ... Nevermind, Ill beat the answer out of ya!


This... Is your story...
Apr 29, 2003
This game will feature the variant of no research. Absolutely none. That means no GL, no libraries, universities, or research labs. Nothing science. *We can take a city with the GL, control it to get the INITIAL techs that come in, then we must disband the city.* Who needs knowledge when you can beat the answers out of someone else? Am I right? :ar15: :devil:

Civ: Any non-scientific civ. (Preferably Militaristic, as were kinda the school-yard bullies, beating people up for answers.)
Version: C3C 1.22
Difficulty: Monarch
Map: Standard, All other aspects random.
Barbarians: Sedentary
Enemy Civs: Russia, Korea, Ottomans, Germany, Babylon, Persia, and Byzantines.)
Aegis Shield
Regular 24hour got it/48hour play. Time to show those nerdy civs whose boss.
I take the challenge.

And the answer is 4, provided we are not in a Z(p) ring with p < 4.

The Civ should be able to do its job from scratch. A quality AA offense UU will be helpful, but trigger a despotic GA. Celts, Iros or Hittites come to mind, Persia is out, being scientific. Or we take a warmongering civ with a knight UU, Mongols, China, Japan or Arabia. The Vikings would be another possibility.

Personnally, I'd go for Arabia. They aren't by far the best choice, but I never played them.

SCI civs: Persia, Ottomans, Germany, Russia, Babylon, Sumeria, Greece, Korea, Byzantines.

Is capturing TGL allowed?
What about scouts/goody huts?
Can we trade for techs?
Welcome Lullaby.

1.) Yes, capturing TGL is allowed, but only to get the first round of techs that come in. We can't keep it to get techs.
2.) There won't be a need for goody hut scouts, as barbs are off.
3.) Yes, trading is definatly allowed. Im just saying that we can't do any research ourselves.
Hmmmm, a Z(p) ring, makes me nostalgic ;)

About TGL, I don't think it should be allowed on Monarch. It will spoil the game if you get it. And anyways, it would require you to read all those books ... sounds like a VERY dull IT for those poor knights who will take that city.
hmmm thats a good point.
welcome madviking
I was really starting to lean towards Mongolia because they took the biggest empire in history by flat out war after war.
Also, do u guys think there should be barbarians because its not like we would be learning a tech by ourselves. Its like we "Ransacked" their village and stole their tech.
The varient is that we can do absolutely no research on our own. We can trade for techs, but we are bullies trying to take the techs from the science nerds. That means we think like a bully, act like a bully, and do what we want, hell we run this world!
Yay! Another game that'll teach me the art of war. Sign me up!

I would recommend using the Aztecs, since we can build many jags and use our excess money to upgrade them all to MDI, then whip our opponents for the answers.

Or is that exploiting the system?
Welcome tribute. Aztecs is another good choice.
lurker's comment: I say no barbs...there's only room for one bully. Rome are pretty good at that too.
How about France then if we take a peaceful course. Highest production and commerce produced in the endgame than any other civ due to its traits.

Of course, I'm seeing this idea shot down....

:cool: Fooled you I hope. What I hope you may consider is the value of religious civs. :eek: Yes,religious civs. :eek: Okay, I'll stop that.

It's the only way we can get culture though. :eek: Yes, no libs, unis, or labs means only temples, cathedrals, and colliseums. :p

Unless we want to steal the ToA and never demand education for as long as is feasible.
Mongols are fine with me.

About TGL: to stay in the spirit of the variant, even capturing it should be forbidden before we have Education.
Lullaby said:
About TGL: to stay in the spirit of the variant, even capturing it should be forbidden before we have Education.

lurker's comment: but it won't give you the techs if you raze the city. :ar15:
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