Brainstorming for Building Specialization


Feb 13, 2018
If you don't count artificial methods (like preventing player to build specific buildings or limit the amount of building that can be built by much higher cost), the way to naturally encourage players to specialize their cities is by adding bonuses that can stack higher than the total sums. There's no point in specializing if getting 1 science in science focused city is the same as getting 1 science in any other cities.

This bonus, however, can be either be or not be the same as the city's specialization (ex you can have city that gives a bonus of X science based on Y amount of science it's generating, or give bonus of gold or culture or food or production or all of them based on the current amount of science it's generating). Both cases would encourage players to focus all source of science into 1 city.

The choice of having either this yield or that yield isn't really specialization if there's no underlaying mechanic above in the first place, as there's no different in the total sums (assuming all choices are balanced)
That's true. Science buildings could give additionally +x% science in the city and +y% GS points in the city, so it's benefitial to have a science focused city to have this bonuses stacked. The same could be applied to other yields.


Aug 9, 2017
I should add that having artificial methods like limited buildings would also make specialization need stronger (despite being illogical in realism sense, as there's no reason why we can't build more of the same building).
Probably a good way to smooth out this issue is to give those bonuses to wonders/national wonders so it's natural to have a limited amount of them.
In fact, this might be what we can use right now to strengthen specialization need, by giving all NW stronger % bonuses to one specific yield, and take it off the rest of other buildings.


Sep 20, 2015
I was browsing through buildings & resources tables, and it felt like VP was leaning a bit too much into adding multiple resource bonuses for buildings, separating & resource locking them provides an easy way to diversify cities. InkAxis' monopoly buildings can serve as a guide, basically replace the monopoly requirement with nearby resource, and you have 9 new buildings. They would have to be weak though, so it's not really specialization, just a few more flavors.
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