Broken AI aggression provocation.


Jul 5, 2021
In the game I'm playing now, there is a bug where another civ I'm friendly with (has only a small -7 for too many wonders built and a -8 for territory, while having +48 friendliness from other things, as well as me having accepted his cry for help twice.
The bug is that if I end the turn, he becomes hostile and ends our friendship declaration, but if I reload a save, be that the autosave or manual save from that turn, he doesn't do it until the next time I end my turn, the following turn. This is an endless loop where every new turn I'm forced to reload before doing my turn just so he doesn't hate me for no reason.

This is also a game where every 25 turns I have 15 turns of war with 2 nearby civs who send 2 heavy skirmishers, 2 catapults and a swordsman, which I defeat with 1 composite bowman and my city, while pillaging the tiles around their capital with my upgraded starting scout who can just steal a worker, walk 5 tiles away, wait a turn, go back and steal another worker and on and on. I ended up with 9 stolen workers and my scout is still not caught, and no units except weak catapults are defending those workers and lands..
Then it's peace time, i built another wonder, and it's war time again. It's a very frustrating cycle and it's happened 3 new games in a row now. The only exception was when I turned up the difficulty to Emperor (epic speed), and even though I took another capital by turn 40 and then was not bothered and snowballed perfectly, I was still 5 ideology points, a policy tree and a science era behind after starting industrial.

Also I'm not being notified of a barbarian archer that was shooting at a far off city I built which was taken over by barbarians before the wall was finished. I had to turn back 4 turns, then 5, then 6, until I finally managed to keep the city at 1 hp and defeat the archer.
Another reason why I say to never give away stuff for free. They'll probably just backstab you anyways.
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