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Bug List

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Bug Reports' started by ainwood, Sep 22, 2010.

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  1. ainwood

    ainwood Consultant. Administrator Moderator

    Oct 5, 2001


    1.) Add a clock / time back to the main screen
    2.) Add in-game Anti-Aliasing options for DX9
    3.) Provide an option to allow people to go straight into the game (remember DX9 / DX11 setting)
    4.) Modify combat bonuses pane so that it will show more than 3 bonuses in it.
    5.) Stop having to select a building to produce in a city that you are razing.
    6.) Provide a notification for border expansions.
    7.) Better messaging in production queue when you lose a wonder race.
    8.) Add more functionality to save game load / save.
    9.) Stop AI Embarking when combat ships near.
    10.) Provide count of number of luxury resources.
    11.) Add Woodsman promotion to Civilopedia.
    12.) Resolve confusion when duplicate leaders are in-game (large number of civs)
    13.) Provide more info on special buildings and great people yields in civilopedia.
    14.) Allow preference settings for persistence of building queues, panel visibility etc.
    15.) Look at unit purchase vs upgrade cost balance.
    16.) It is better to build units and disband them for gold than to build wealth
    17.) SHow combat odds as they would be for actual attack, not for current location (impact of 2-move units)
    18.) Improve Civilopedia text for Harbor to include more info on conditions required to form a trade route
    19.) Allow renaming of units at any time (i.e. move "edit" link out of promotion tab into unit action tab)
    20.) Units on auto-move should avoid Neutral city states, where possible.
    21.) Allow unit stacked with other units in a city, to attack without moving out of the city first.
    22.) Provided feedback on why "red" moves are not allowed
  2. Guest


    New bugs in
    1. Captured cities immediately annexed
    2. Accusation of breaking deal I didn't make.
    3. Pathing problem- not using optimum path
    4. Workers stop working
    5. Hex yield icons incorrect
    6. Viking fury broken

    Graphical bugs
    1. [] Weird red terrain spots / Patch doesn't fix "red splotches" problem /Black Ice on hills (tile display problem)
    2. [] Graphics glitch--deep sea uranium deposit? (green spots on water)
    3. wet Stonehenge (wonders on water)
    4. [] Tile Improvement graphics prevent "revealed" resources from being see on map.
    5. [] 1/5 of the map is not drawn (high resolution problem; dx9 2560 resolution issues)
    6. [] Incorrect "attack" animation while Mobile Sam attacks cities
    7. [] Incorrect road linkage
    8. [] Improvements/cities/resources get 'stuck' to screen / floating graphics
    9. [] Patch - Flat Mountains (graphical bug)
    10. [] Resources invisible after loading a savegame

    User interface
    1. [] WIndows key + M doesn't minimize game in Windows 7, fullscreen mode.
    2. [] User is unable to click "promote" buttons. Might be related to screen resolution issues
    3. Built wonder narration affected by music volume slider
    4. [] Workers underestimate improvement build times
    5. [] Discipline bonus is not displayed
    6. [] Top bar collision resources and turns (Aluminium and Uran)
    7. Choosing your civilization: random civ selected, only user name typed: "Random civ"
    8. UI- City Screen tooltips beneath right panel
    9. [] Incorrect message when viewing Policies
    10. [] [BUG] Impossible to see units' promotions, interface hides them
    11. [] Extremely Irritating Bug: Workers deselected if you check the city screen
    12. [] Advanced Setup screen doesn't remember settings
    13. [] No "Skip Turn" button on units in city
    14. Auto Unit Cycle Off not working (garrisoned units)
    15. 'Trade route' on hexes without road/railroad (
    16. [] Road Maintenance Discrepancy
    17. [] Diplo Votes Screen Broken
    18. [] Rebase ui bug is back
    19. [] [PARTIALLY FIXED] Tooltip time delay time rounded to nearest integer when moving slider in options menu / Same issue affects other options sliders
    20. [] Deleting AI player in "Advanced setup" will also delete all victory conditions if time victory is turned-off.
    21. [] [DISPLAY BUG] Over unit limit penalty not shown
    22. [] Renaming a city bug
    23. [] -14 +13 = +0 (interface rounding bug)

    1. [] ending turn with city list displayed causes ctd

    1. Lord Elizabeth and Lord Catherine: Wrong titles
    2. [] Upgrading your units in AI territory

    1. [] [PATHFINDING] Civilian Units Route incorrectly around friendly units
    2. [] Patch - City Governor let's city starve
    3. City governor behavior flaky
    4. [] Governor won't assign specialist
    5. [] City State worker freed from barbs doesn't move.
    6. [] Automated Work Boats Don't (Always) Build Improvements

    1. [] AI accuses you of settling close, when you haven't. Related to them having just lost capital city?
    2. AI Doesn't defend well against naval attack
    3. [reproducible] Player victory, keeping playing, get killed => endless AI game
    4. [] Solar plant without desert and production bonus discrepancy / Natural wonder issues
    5. [] Embarked land unit can't move onto a city if there is a workboat inside
    6. [] Lost production on obsolete units
    7. [] No credit for eliminating one CS at the request of another CS (Complete Kills on)
    8. [] Lighthouse + Floating Gardens Bug
    9. [] Razing-in-progress captured city demands production set
    10. [] Promotions can be saved.
    11. [] [BUG] New puppet "View City" interface bugged with specialists. / [BUG] wrong number of citizen in puppet city
    12. [] [BUG] cannot access coastal tile of a CS
    13. Food in city center not being added to city (its starving!)
    14. [] guided missile used to start war doesn't die
    15. [] Move Stacked Unit Request: No valid locations
    16. [] Black Hole
    17. [] Cannot Build Stealth Bomber
    18. [] Unhappiness calculation bug &#8211; wrong modifier with courthouse
    19. [] [BUG] Land boat: Boat is stuck when in city when it's razed AND ship in inland city
    20. [] Submarines visible to cities
    21. [] 2 great people on a single turn - does not increment counter properly
    22. [] Puppet city not producing anything
    23. [] production lost when technology completes (if both unit needs the same resource and player has run out of resources)
    24. [] Civilian units not able to cross thru foreign unit tile
    25. [] Roads under conquered cities count towards improvement maintenance

    1. [] City State & other diplomatic issues can reveal names of unmet civilizations.
    2. [] AI accueses you of conquering yourself

    1. Square brackets [] in username impacts / prevents in-game chat
    2. multiplayer settings are not loaded or used in general: like difficulty settings? (might be display bug)
    3. [] Hot seat: Players can see resources which were discovered by other players

    1. Can't select custom civs in mods (Patch Unable to select Mod Civ's)
    2. Patch - Path given in runtime error messages for custom Lua files is truncated in both console and Lua.log
    3. Patch - Declaration of war bug (custom map)
    4. Custom Civs will shop up as "random" in scenarios with preset locations
    5. [] Game ignores civ selection on custom maps
    6. [] Mod cannot be updated
    7. [] ModBuddy option causes game crashes

    Map / map creation
    1. [] Map generator can place starting points on a peak (Worst starting position ever: On a peak)
    2. [] City State "broken" when starting game next to human player.
    3. [] Oil on lakes inaccessible. / Whales in Lake tile.

    miscellaneous things
    1. Patch - QuickLoad (or F12 itself) not working
    2. [] File associations broken
    3. [] Civilopedia Bug: Random text appear after typing and does not vanish
    4. [] Line of Sight across 3 hexes obscured
    5. [] Patch - Stacked unit has no moves
    6. [] Worldbuilder broken
    7. G&K: Infinite tech tree
    8. [] Resources under cities don't show in strategic view or on on-map resource icons.
  3. Petek

    Petek Alpha Centaurian Administrator Supporter

    Nov 8, 2001
    Berkeley, Calif., USA
    possible bugs
    1. Multiplayer has autosaves only, not manual saves
    2. Can't liberate an ex-capital city.
    3. Can't liberate cities in OCC games.
    4. Culture expansion past foreign boundary
    5. Embarked land unit blockaded my city!
    6. The Great Warpath special ability treats forests as railroads
    7. I liberate their capital and they're hostile?!
    8. [Possible Bug] Antarctic farms: You can build farms on snowy mountains
    9. Ottoman SA not converting Barb Naval units killed by Cities
    10. City States Alliance display: CSs sometimes allied to dead civs
    11. [CIVILOPEDIA ERROR] Nuclear Missile needs 2 uranium, not 1?
    12. Cannot build Seaport for tile bought by other city
    13. Submarine fires torpedo under land mass.
    14. [POSSIBLE DISPLAY BUG] Missing plane during a paradrop
    15. Patch - The longhouse doesn't have the workshop bonus.
    16. [] Civilopedia error: Both parties need Tech X for Diplo option Y

    Hardware issues / not civ related
    1. Browse Mods > Online > Shows list then disappears (router issue)

    Not reproducible bugs / savegame needed / more recent savegame needed
    1. Ghost Cities don't display on map
    2. Incorrect Tile Info
    3. Shrinking Save Files + 100% CTD + Runtime error
    4. Runtime error
    5. Crashing in Renaissance
    6. Runtime Error when loading
    7. Game stops after peace offer
    8. Can build catapults without iron working
    9. pillaged resources still available
    10. BUG: The destroyed civilization owns a tile
    11. Patch (and - 1 pop city with a stuck unemployed citizen (repeatable)
    12. CS at war with own puppet

    No bugs / by design:
    1. [] [Bug] Embarked Units Can't Stack with Naval Units
    2. [] Khan /Unique Unit /UU from city state
    3. Liberating city state resets earlier culture bomb
    4. [BUG]Razing conquered city makes tile previously owned disappear.
    5. Diplomatic victory votes required not scaling as Civ / City States are eliminated.
    6. Scouts upgraded to archers via goody huts retain terrain movement bonus promotion. - A) By design, confirmed by Dennis Shirk.
    7. Music missing in DLC packs? - A) Same like on the CDs, 33 tracks in total
  4. The_J

    The_J Say No 2 Net Validations Administrator Supporter

    Oct 22, 2008
    Please proceed. I'm restructuring the bug list, and i need a new post. Thread will probably look a bit messy in the next days.

    1. [FIXED] Unit Maintenance calculated in pairs
    2. [FIXED] Units upgrades from Ancient Ruins can provide advanced units in early eras.
    3. [FIXED] People experiencing crashes trying to start huge maps.
    4. [FIXED] Civilopedia says free through policy gives +2 science / trading post, in XML / game it is only 1.
    5. [FIXED] Miscellaneous adviser recommendation issues.
    6. [FIXED] Spears get defensive "mounted units" bonus against ranged attacks
    7. [FIXED] Crash upon loading savegame
    8. [FIXED] Clicking into Fog of war with unit selected might reveal occupied or impassable tiles
    9. [FIXED] Mod selection list is clipping
    10. [FIXED] GPT deals set to 5 GPT, even when other values agreed.
    11. [FIXED] File Size bloats with save / load cycles
    12. [FIXED] state production can be controlled via strategic view
    13. [FIXED] No button to play mods available/Mod Installer does not check drive
    14. ____As above - Mods don't install when steam not on C drive. (Acknowledged by Dennis Shirk in thread above)
    15. [FIXED] "R" as a hotkey is used for both "show resources" on map, and for workers to "build roads".
    16. [FIXED] Helicoper gunships can capture cities
    17. [FIXED] Research Beakers don't overflow.
    18. [FIXED] City State / Civ diplomacy can cause City-State to declare war on itself (results in crash)
    19. [FIXED] Science column sorting by city name, not science output in Economic overview screen.
    20. [FIXED] Citizen Allocation Governor Anomalies
    21. [FIXED] Advanced Ballistics quote mismatched with voiceover quote
    22. [FIXED] International date line - path finding bugged, if you cross the date line
    23. [FIXED] Magellan Achievement doesn't trigger - deactivated via XML(?)
    24. [FIXED] Extra move for swordsman causes graphics glitch - two units on one tile (or something!)
    25. [FIXED] [BUG] "Free thought" social policy, Trading posts only provide 1 science
    26. [FIXED] Several reports of crashes when trying to save: Thread 1 | Thread 2
    27. [FIXED] "Random" Map Type in "Advanced" set-up can't be chosen. Simply sticks with whatever was set in the "basic" setup, or most recently selected
    28. [FIXED] Chichen Itza effect on golden ages being double-counted?
    29. [FIXED] Unit panel worker advice differs from on-plot / tooltip worker advice
    30. [FIXED] Oil resource textures not visible in DX11 version.
    31. [FIXED] Can't select unit garrisoned in city directly from the strategic view.
    32. [FIXED] Minutemen get no benefit from roads.
    33. [FIXED] Incorrect name in combat odds panel when attacking city
    34. [FIXED] Barb Unit fortification bonus cycles from 25% to 50% to 25% etc
    35. [FIXED] Reproduceable crash - moving helicopter.
    36. [FIXED] Nuking a tile <3 hexes away causes a crash
    37. [FIXED] Broken research pacts (by war declaration) gives you the tech anyway.
    38. [FIXED] Cities gained during peace treaties then puppeted can require you to select production for them, making an un-dismissible button
    39. [FIXED] River graphic not appearing on the map
    40. [FIXED] [Bug] Mounted Defense Bonus Against Ranged Attack
    41. [FIXED] Bug: Can see where units are placed in FOW
    42. [FIXED] Incompatible saves between Deluxe Babylon and normal version
    43. [FIXED] Puppet city building Apollo Program
    44. [FIXED] Uneven turn-number trades involving resources leave massive resource imbalance (and probably a bugged trade anyway) | Second thread
    45. [FIXED] Brandenburg gates general not near the capital, but near wonder city
    46. [FIXED] Game crashes at 70th city
    47. [FIXED] Crashes on turn 398 - Stuck savegame
    48. [FIXED] Fighting over 30XP barb cap will add new great general points
    49. [FIXED] Minor BUg - Happiness calculation wrong - garrisoned units not included
    50. [FIXED] Need Civilopedia Update for Sydney Opera House to show that it can only be built in coastal cities
    51. [FIXED] Angkor Wat affects only the city in which it is built, not all cities
    52. [FIXED] Misc crashes
    53. [FIXED] Utopia Project being built by puppet city
    54. [FIXED] [BUG] Diplomacy broken: AI complains about massing troops, but there are none
    55. [FIXED] infinite city population - starving + growing again
    56. [FIXED] Crash when AI is about to declare war
    57. [FIXED] [BUG] Embarked land units hindered by land unit Zones of Control
    58. [FIXED] Crashing savegames
    59. [FIXED] Embarked unit exploring only moves 1 tile
    60. [FIXED] Save game crashes with DX11, but not DX9
    61. [FIXED] Units can stack as a result of an attack
    62. [FIXED] AI turn never finishes
    63. [FIXED] Crash to Desktop on Turn 1516
    64. [FIXED] CTD when demanding cash
    65. [FIXED] CTD on turn 483
    66. [FIXED] Maritime cities don't give me the food they promise.
    67. [FIXED] Computer gives false recommendations: Build road to connect resource
    68. [FIXED] Darius+Chichen Itza (not the same as item 38 in this list)
    69. [FIXED] In-game load still crashes after patch + red splotches
    70. [FIXED] Patch - Display of "food basket" -always looks full
    71. [FIXED] Patch - Simple Score List Displays Civs That Have Not Been Met
    72. [FIXED] Patch Buildings still required list includes puppets
    73. [FIXED] Patch Breaks Games Saved with Deluxe Edition
    74. [FIXED] Multiple city Trade in peace treaty: Examine -> Next city -> Auto annexing!
    75. [FIXED] - Great General gets recommendations to build road!
    76. [FIXED] Stuck between turns
    77. [FIXED] Crash at turn 566
    78. [FIXED] [] Luxury resources are counted wrong
    79. [FIXED] Razed cities count as occupied on reload
    80. [FIXED] Can't pass turn 334
    81. [FIXED] Hagia Sophia rounding error (general error: 3 * 33% does not get rounded to 1)
    82. [FIXED] Random Game Crash
    83. [FIXED] Puppet city governor building priorities
    84. [FIXED] Patch - Luxury deals last one turn!
    85. [FIXED] Patch - City-State road quest never completes
    86. [FIXED] Patch - Food provided by Maritime CS not working correctly
    87. [FIXED] Patch - CTD and/or inappropriate message from AI
    88. [FIXED] Patch - CTD at end of turn
    89. [FIXED] Patch - Late game crash when selecting Production button
    90. [FIXED] Patch - Game crashes in Normal view, but not in Strategic view (1).
    91. [FIXED] Patch - Game crashes in Normal view, but not in Strategic view (2).
    92. [FIXED] Patch - Crashing Savegame
    93. [FIXED] Patch - Crash around 1880
    94. [FIXED] Corruption and Waste in Civ5? Incorrect food calculation for different tiles
    95. [FIXED] Update Civilopedia to reflect reformation policy (and other GAs) scaling with game speed.
    96. [FIXED] Rebasing aircraft can create duplicate clickable icons
    97. [FIXED] Mouse top screen position not being updated with changing resolutions & moving to windowed mode.
    98. [FIXED] tiles worked when building a settler are not assigned correctly
    99. [FIXED] City state doesn't improve resource tiles
    100. [FIXED] Mods prevent saves loading (Clock mod)
    101. [FIXED] Map creation treats ice as land when deciding whether a body of water is a lake or orcean
    102. [FIXED] Patch - Minor bug. Problem waking skipped unit.
    103. [FIXED] [BUG] Gerat Wall apperently not working
    104. [FIXED] [BUG] Siam bonus not working at all (with savegame)
    105. [FIXED] AI can purchase units in puppet states
    106. [FIXED] Military city states give you outdated units
    107. [FIXED] Unit and Combat Problems with Can't attack, no valid adjacent enemy unit
    108. [FIXED] Peace negotiation bug - Enemy gives everything everytime
    109. [FIXED] Problem when you have a interface menu up inter-turn and a Civ contacts you (diplo with no buttons, no ability to get out of it)
    110. [FIXED] Open Borders not always being canceled when deal expires
    111. [FIXED] Research Agreements not expiring properly.
    112. [FIXED] Peace treaties and other diplomatic agreements not expiring
    113. [FIXED] City-State Bug: Friendly CS declares war after liberation
    114. [FIXED] [] Yield icons messed-up / missing when reloading a save,
    115. [FIX COMING] Is it just me, or did they remove the Native American city style?
    116. [FIXED] (new games only) [] F6 and F4 Keys don't work as expected
    117. [FIXED] [] Unit display in military overview broken
    118. [FIXED] [] Clicking on unit in military adviser list doesn't bring-up the correct (clicked-on) unit.
    119. [FIXED] [] Number of turns to complete a project not calculated correctly when a city has a railroad production bonus
    120. [] [FIX COMING] No heal button for aircraft in city
    121. [] [FIX COMING] Extra research bug / Science Calculation Bug
    122. [FIXED] [] Trying to load save file that uses DLC when you don't have it causes game crash - need error handling.
    123. [FIXED] [] Another crashing savegame
    124. [FIX COMING] Polynesia DLC scenario crashes
    125. [FIXED] [] Spelling Mistake.
    126. [FIXED] [] Spelling Error "Declaration of Frienship"
    127. [FIXED] [] autom. exploration ignores english additional moves
    128. [FIXED] [] Catapults initiate a melee attack (instead of ranged) if not "set-up" first.
    129. [FIXED] [] Civilopedia says you can't move stealth bombers on carriers - you can! (+ No XP)
    130. [FIXED] [] More specialists than population?
    131. [FIXED] [] Selling a building with specialists assigned destroys the specialists.
    132. [FIX COMING]Resource counts not updating for expired trades and other Luxury Resource trade bugs.
    133. [FIX COMING]Food bug with lakes
    134. [FIX COMING] Double strategic resource bug
    135. [FIX COMING] Patch - Stealth Bomber not getting promotions
    136. [FIX COMING]Combat bonuses for friendly territory being applied in enemy territory
    137. [FIX COMING] Declaration of Friendship Expiry notification: Even if no declaration!
    138. [FIXED] [] Colon :) ) and other characters in save game title cause 0 byte save file.
    139. [FIX COMING] Elizabeth doesn't have a FLAVOR_NUKE
    140. Autosaves in wrong map (special characters in accountname)
    141. [] after first rebasing, fighter appears in both cities!
    142. [] Machu Pichu destroyed when city captured.
    143. [] Piety finisher increases SP cost
    144. Roman legion ability displayed as promotion
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