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'Build a city here' icon comes and goes....


Just one more turn...
Apr 12, 2009
Eagle, Idaho
I'm trying to figure out the pattern. It doesn't seem to work with your initial settler. Except I think sometimes it does.

Is it tied to difficulty level?
I don't think it's tied to level.

At best I only use them as a rough guide, or a suggestion, very often I go with my own decision, which is often a tile or so from the suggestion.

Sometimes also, it's possible to get 1 city to cover what the AI suggests for 2 cities. This will inevitably be a stronger city than having 2 smaller ones. However, this can sometimes take you away from the coast when you need a coastal city.

Bottom line is to treat them as a guide, and think for yourself, rather than taking them for granted, especially at higher levels.
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