Building of wonders

Shall we implement a wonder-building program?

  • Start some cities building a wonder to switch when another is available.

    Votes: 1 6.3%
  • Require that each province have at least 1(+) city building a food caravan for the next few cycles.

    Votes: 9 56.3%
  • Designate 2-4 specific cities to produce a number of food caravans with the next procuction rounds.

    Votes: 3 18.8%
  • Some combination of 1,2, and 3. (Please explain)

    Votes: 2 12.5%
  • Other idea (Please explain).

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Do not implement any plan.

    Votes: 1 6.3%

  • Total voters


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Feb 23, 2001
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OK, not sure if this falls under the domain of Interior, but I thought it might be important to get a poll like this up and discussed. Also, with still no word from Hippo I thought as the Deputy Interior Minister I'm obligated to do so.

We all know that there are many important wonders that will soon be available to build (Copernicus, Leo's, Magellan's, Bach's, KRC, Shakes, Sun Tzu's, Darwin's, etc). With a fair lack of hills, most of our cities can be said to be fair to midland when it comes to production. With this in mind, I was hoping that we could implement a general program throughout Fanatica to increase our odds at getting the most wonders as quickly as possible.

Of course, every city will have individual polls as to what to build when necessary, but I would hope that the Interior Ministry could impose some guidelines that the governors should follow to give us the ability to better build the wonders.

I'll put some choices up regarding food caravans (which AoA had the foresight to start during his term), starting wonders in some cities and others.

Like my other poll, I'm hoping to make this a discussion thread as well. The choices will be relatively general and could lend themselves to a follow-up poll if necessary... The choices would not take effect realistically until the next round of city production.

'Nuff said. I'll join the voting and discussion after some others (hopefully) respond.
I think building these food caravans is a good idéa. To get our share of wonders we will need to build quite many of them, so we might as well start early.
As Kev mentioned, I have long advocated Caravans.

30 Caravans and all wonders will be ours, the AI rarely can beat a human player tech wise in the industrial age, and we will have all the good ones already!

Our empire is still small, but military conquest will be tough and resource intensive, where the path to better science and eventually, far superior military equipment is much easier, start with...Caravans! :goodjob:
Just a bump. I'm hoping to see more than 9 votes. Really, to be a referendum of sorts we'll need to have like 15-20 votes if we can.

Let's hear from everyone.
I got elected, the first time with 18 votes. The problem was that no one else got a vote...Quite a few people will not vote on all threads because it is sometimes difficult to see which ones you have voted on...
Our system with links to all polls in the sticky turn information thread makes it much easier to keep track on what polls you have voted in and what polls are left. We just have to make sure that everyone knows about it. :)
I think that it would be easier to concentrate caravan production by localised area..preferably where it is free of enemy civs.

Some of the outposts should concentrate on getting the basic correct(temple/marketplace/walls) and start building military might . The more stable cities should concentrate on caravan production for wonders.I don;t agree with point 2 as this will require tiremes to ship our caravans and we'll need them for taking out our enemies.
I voted for a combination of 1,2,3, not with anything specific in mind, but just to avoid locking us into any one approach. All three approaches have merit, and disadvantages, which will be more or less important in different phases of our game. The most important thing is to establish some sort of program to address the building of wonders, and the sooner the better.
I notice from the turn summaries posted by Cornmaster that other civs are building Copernicus' Observatory, and we don't even have the tech for it yet!!! :eek:
What the heck are we playing at with this? I read some nonsense about building Sun Tzu's Academy, but despite the efforts made to create a Super Science City, we are not consolidating! I appreciate that we could possibly build it in a single turn with all our spare caravans, but we'll need the tech very soon. We should be making a beeline for Theory of Gravity and then filling in the side techs later on when we are getting them every turn.
Totally agree with Duke!
I was quite shocked others started on Copernicus too. I think we should have this wonder to be the leading civ in science. I always hate it when I encounter a tank with my ancient unit.....
Judging by the votes, I can see that a majority certainly advocates allowing the president relatively broad leeway in the overriding of city projects for the good of national wonder building. Seems to be implementing it as well.

I'll inform the president of these results, and I really don't think a follow-up is necessary.

I would expect in the future to see the president or the Internal Ministry posting polls regarding which wonders to build. I think this is certainly the best way to go about it.

Thanks to all for voting. :goodjob:
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