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Buying Cities


Jul 6, 2012
My long time ally, Denmark had a city on top of a uranium resource that I wanted. I made it my mission to own all of the Uranium in the world and create a sneak attack with dozens of nuclear missiles to annhilate my enemies in a single turn. I already control 38 uranium. If I was thinking ahead, I would have picked Russia and Autocracy,but I didn't. How much Uranium would that have created? 152?

The city was pop 12 and was pretty well built up and sitting next to his capital. I have been on very good terms with them for the whole game. I bribe him to go to war with other civs and I gift him lots of units. We have no negative modifiers. He started as a weaker civ, with everyone else denouncing him, except me. The Ottmans used to be in our circle of friends, but they got kicked out when they bullied my city state. And whatever I say, Denmark sides with me. Its kinda cool how Denmark denounced them when I did.

Anyway, I kept asking Denmark for his city and I finally get a price, 10,000 gold and 5 of every resource, except uranium, because it was already being used up in my stockpile of nuclear missiles. I bought his city. What do you think he is going to do with all that money? I earn about 1,200 a turn normal, and about 2,000 in a goldenage. So its a lot of money, but somewhataffordable. I could spend that much on a brand new settler, make a new city and buy all of the buildings, but It wouldn't start at 12 pop or already have its culture borders expanded.

So I have now decided that to win the game, I will defeat my enemies and buy out my ally of all of his cities. He will be swimming in so much money, I wonder what kind of problems that will cause if he backstabs.

This is on Epic speed, Huge map, pangea, King difficulty btw. I could have already have won a diplomatic, culture, or science victory at turn 500 (Epic speed has 1000) I have all the techs mastered. I have tons of money to buy every city state if I wanted. I have 5 policy trees maxed out. I h ave around 45 cities.
seems like you have the game won. would like to see screenshots of your world in armageddon :nuke:
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