Can't Install Mods


Oct 13, 2007
I have the original Civ 4 an i downloaded some custom leaderheads and civs from the site. I tired following the directions ( by going into the ini file and changing modueloading from 0 to 1 ) but for one reason or another my ini dont have that line at all. is there something i missed ?
bummer....ok, where would i find civ 4 vinilla stuff ? most of the stuff i see now-a-days are bts =/ i dont quite have the currency currently to get bts though i would very much like to as soon as i can but till then ill make do with any vinilla stuff.
you'll find most of the mod(component)s here obviously the older the uploaded file is the more likely it is that it was done for Vanilla, also most modders to specify for which version they mod.
Of course you can also go through the Creation and Customization Forum and if in doubt ask in the specific thread for what you want to download...
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