can't minimize screen


Aug 29, 2001
When I played Civ II, I used to minimize the screen alot to take breaks and check my e-mail. I can't seem to be able to do this in civ III. I have to exit the whole game, which doesn't work well for me because it takes so long to exit and restart that i usually can't be bothered. Is there some way to minimize the screen that I just don't know about?
Well if you are using an NT based OS, the task manager can minimize Civ3 for you. However, Civ3 also alt-tab's very well to any other open application. So open the other apps first and then start up civ3 and you should have no problem. Can even work on something while the computer plods through its turns in the late game and still keep your eye on the game to know when its your turn again.
Just press the key on your keyboard with the "Windows" logo.
End of story.
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