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Captured Giants

Dark Russell

Dec 24, 2002
Currently (in .25g) I am able to capture Hill Giants with a unit with the "Subdue Animal" promotion. Will this eventually be changed so they cannot be captured?

The reason I ask is I popped Animal Handling and Hunting from huts before turn 20 and had highly promoted hunters roaming about when I got attacked by a giant (and captured it!). This Hill Giant got highly promoted killing barbs when Orthus strolled along (with about 7 Orc Spearmen and 10 Goblins). My Giant had 100xp by this point so he slaughtered every last one of the barbs, including the ill-faited Orthus. A 7 str unit with Orthus Axe early in a Huge-Epic game is a sure game winner...especially since my hunters managed to subdue 5 other Hill Giants.
Speaking of Orthus, the last couple of times I encountered him he had tanked up and was just sitting on a Tribal Village. It looks like the Barbarian 'guard village' logic now applies to Orthus. You can walk up next to him and he does not attack. A puny Mage with a Fireball can take him out with no sweat.
Yeah i noticed that and popped a line in the bugs thread a while back, , im guessing it must be a bug as a giant is clearly not an animal!
dont see why it isnt an easy fix though to change giant type to the same as barbarians (i cant capture them)
But wouldn't that mean the giants could enter cultural boundaries? <shudder>
They're animals so they spawn early and can't enter borders.
Barbarian giants can't go into cultural boarders, captured giants can.

Your real problem was not that giants could be captured, but when they were. I you had gotten hunting when everyone else did a captured giant would be deadly, but no game breaker (just look at pact of Nilhon).
I think the idea of capturing giants is cool. It's not like they're particularly smart, after all...
...ya, but they'd just rather eat you than work with you...it's just too complicated for them.

They use to be considered Beasts not Animals...anyways, I hope they get fixed at some point.

The Giant art is cool so in my Breath of Pestilence ModMod I am working on, I have a certain promotion called "Subdue Giant" that basically turns a captured Giant into a lesser version of itself (25% chance of capture).
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