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Care To Explain Yourself???


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Nov 19, 2000
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What are you doing giving away our secerts, Pellaken!!

It's bad enough they can just READ the damn forum, but telling them our ideas....I should have you hung!!

Maybe we have grounds for our first impeachment hearing. ;)

Anyway...I'm going to be playing the game again tonight. probably 7 or 8 PM EST.

Another Apolyton thread that suprised me!!

I mean linking directly to CivFanatics, NOT EVEN writing your own rules or anything!

Using the exact same cabinet positions, even using the same sort of name!!


Why didn't anyone tell me this!!

"Because you would probably over-react."

Ahh.....good point. :)
Well it is the DoF's idea, but I doubt that he bothered to have it copyrighted or anything. I reckon that he should get some credit from 'poly and from us for this brilliant idea. I don't reckon this should be a(nother) bone of contention between ourselves and the 'polies, I for one wish their Apolytonian Empire well and hope that we can organise some kind of multi game against one another in future. :goodjob:
Does it matter if they use some of the basic rules that we have developed.
The main focus should be on both democracy games finishing at a suitable time and then we can start on a MP game where the real battle can be fought.:spank:

The time of reckoning will be soon
Let's see if they'll take the game into any interesting new directions.

And we'll always be the first! :D
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