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  • Hi I was wondering if it would be possible to delete my account and all the data associated with it as I no longer require it and wish for my data to be removed.

    Thanks for your assistance.
    I hope this is the right spot for this. Camikaze, I'd like to change my profile name. I don't really understand why I spaced out and chose my real name for a username; assuming most likely it's due to over-excitement in getting my post up and running. I guess I'm still a kid at heart. Can you PM me when you are ready and willing to do this profile name change for me? Thanks, John
    I'd like to change my username to KevT90. I'm contacting you as per the terms and rules directives. thanks
    Hi Camikaze. I want to apologize for my language in my last couple posts to you. I am sorry for spewing that to you and do in fact recognize the need for rules and guidelines. They make a lot of sense. I was just frustrated with my own situation as the bug in the game was making my gameplay unbearable. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Have a great day...

    Try again. This time, either resign your membership or allow for some democratic participation beyond 420 characters so that members can actually provide some meaningful feedback rather than being cut off.
    Hey Camikaze, I saw your post for "Please read: Bug reporting - Include the Patch Version in your thread title" and thought it was the most ridiculous post and irresponsible of you if you were intending to post to the widest possible audience. Did you honestly think the widest possible audience after joining the forum would be able to decipher this? Not possible.
    Hey, wonder why you guys never put up a separate section dedicated to Freeciv. There's been a lot of interest in it lately and a fairly lively community both developing desktop/web client and playing both short-turn and longturn games. I think this forum could benefit from having it on board.
    Yo, do you have a blog or a twitter or anything? Your posts, especially the legal ones, are always really interesting, but I don't come here enough to see them that much anymore. Just wondering if you blogged at all?

    Unfortunately my internet postings are pretty much exclusively here. But thanks for the kind words!
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    Lots of people in fiftychat say mean things about you and bash you to the pulp, but know that I think you're great. :) (not being sarcastic or joking with this)
    Can you tell exactly when the downtime will be? Because morning, especially in another time zone, isn't a very good description.
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