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885 AD

Japanese Samurai slice a Chinese musketman who was threatening Pepsiman. Fortunately they can't take Ningpo because all they have next to it is defensive troops.
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The Chinese of course bombard my troops, not the Japanese stack, which they might have a chance at actually killing. Inb4 my stack is the bigger threat, I tricked them into declaring war, or murdered millions of their civilians. It's still BS and they'll pay.
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890 AD

I bombard them back, to little avail. Can't even attack because most of my troops are wounded and/or being shuttled back and forth across the border to heal. Two armies are in Pepsiman, one at 1 health and the other at 2. The third army is killing Chinese on a mountain by Macao.
Screenshot (461).png

The Indians beat us to Navigation because I've been spending the Celtic treasury on upgrades and rushes, and we have nothing to trade for it. At least we have a Temple in Macao next turn.

Screenshot (2029).png

Tromso is threatened by Chinese junks, and the Mayans are approaching. Not worth the war weariness or the money to defend/probably lose the city, since its primary purpose was to spy on/make fun of Rothbard's pathetic last city.
Screenshot (463).png

So I give it to the Japaneses, who are now Gracious with me. Hopefully the Chinese take it and the Mayans retake, but I really don't care.
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895 AD

More Chinese bombardment of my troops on the hill, this time less successfully.
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900 AD

Vincent Torix, who lost favor in my eyes after his logistical error of leaving the Crusaders and trebuchets behind at the start of the war, seeks to atone for his mistake by taking the well-defended Chinese position outside Ningpo. He orders his swordsmen to advance uphill into a blistering hail of musket and trebuchet fire. Although not much of a general, he's no coward and personally leads the charge. Though his men are cut down around him, he perserveres, and with his dying gasp, plants the Celtic flag atop the hill. I award him a posthumous Medal of Glory.
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Screenshot (2030).png

(will have to make some artwork for this post at a later juncture)

Smoke Jaguar sells us a worker for 6 GPT a turn.
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905 AD

Another Chinese musketman gets Hibachi'd by a Samurai.
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910 AD

At long last, victory! Oregon Bill's troops avenge Vincent Torix, and Ningpo is ours. So are the nearby Saltpeter mines, but the Chinese have another one way on the other end of their territory, so it doesn't matter that much. Nice to have a backup, though.
Screenshot (472).png

Also, we capture 7 trebuchets and 4 catapults.
Screenshot (473).png

This will break the back of the Chinese resistance and mark a turning point in the war, or as I tell my generals, "Ningpo was the cork in the butt of China. Now that we've taken it, we'll run through them like lactose through the intolerant."
Screenshot (2032).png

Another sign that the hard fighting is finished is the arrival near Hangchow of a company of Mayan pikemen, who have taken over 100 years to move one tile into Chinese territory.
Screenshot (474).png

Trade our world map to the Spanish to get Navigation a turn early and 11 gold.

Roll Physics

Sell the Indians Silks for 24 GPT and 11 gold.

Give the Dutch Banking, Astronomy and World Map for Dyes, Spices, Gems and World Map.

Give the Sumerians Astronomy for Incense, 6 Gold, and World Map.

The people of Entremont are delighted with my military victories and their new luxuries, and if I allowed elections, I no doubt win them overwhelmingly, at least for the next twenty turns.
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915 AD

Screenshot (482).png

A large cotillion of Japanese and Spanish, along with one Mayan pikeman get in each other's way.

920 AD

Screenshot (483).png

If you look closely at this power graph, you can see that we took a tiny dip when we lost Glevum or Glanum or whatever and its 300,000 inhabitants, but we spiked back up with our recent victories, which was no doubt an enormous comfort to their family members.

Screenshot (484).png

We upgrade some Catapults, only to Trebuchets though, because we haven't learned Metallurgy.

Screenshot (485).png

Give Babylon Math for 8 gold and their world map so I could see their entire island and have a good laugh.

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