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Changing Graphics!!!!!


Feb 13, 2002
Calgary Alberta, Canada
:cool: ABOUT TIME!!!.. i found what seems like the program Fraxis used in order to create the Animations.. Well i found a program that allows you to create and edit current animations. AND ITS SHAREWARE!.. Look for Animation Shop 3.. although you only get 30 Days to create your animation.. and i warn you.. each file in the units directories.. are at least 120 frames big.. that means drawing and editing 120 Pictures/file.. (maybe over 700 drawing per unit)

For all you Canucks out there.. for the longest time i've been hearing about how a lot of you want a mountie unit!!.. how about a unit the goes NWMP--->Mountie--->RCMP If you have any CONSTRUCTIVE input.. please post a reply.. Dont worry i got the graphics started already.. (editing a Horseman)..i hope to have the unit done by the middle of March.. OH!!!.. also need to know how to create a special unit.. and how to implement it in the game.. someone please let me know about this too. once i have created the animations what do i do with them.. and how do i create a unit without taking the unit away from the rest of the civilizations?.. etc etc etc.. :scan:
I worked at Fort Calgary and portrayed as a circa 1876 NWMP Corporal so I think its a great idea. You could even just call the unit "Mounted Police" and have it available to England as there were many similar forces through out the British Empire such as the Natal Mounted Police who fought during the Zulu War of 1879. I would love to see the graphics you have and I could e-mail you some great NWMP uniform plates and photos of NWMP reenactors.

I'll attach a photo from Fort Calgary here as well!


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