'Cheap CIV' design layouts.

Jan 10, 2019
For BOTH F'xis, and small game developers or mobile platform developers.


Again. looking back over the past. and then the beginning of franchise.
Back then there were no divided 'tech and civics'. Also no 'Eras' and no 'upgrades' coming to exists yet. and very few units (17 Land units, 9 sea untis, and just 3 air units. 28 in total) . Also the game features 'unlimited stack of dooooom'. however with modern developers concepts both already existing and proposed. a small number of units harbor SOME potentials and surprisingly represents more accurate warfare layouts (if you don't mind 'offense, defense and siege' class thing.
- City that can have multiple tiles (And no, not the same ol' 'district' systems but use 'cityscape'. Districts only works in a very rare instances--harbor, industrial, aeronautics, and space launching site.
- Separate tech and civic.
- No more era divisions, but tech and time period decides in game archetectures of a respective civ
- Tech advances became more restrained in later eras, leading players will be restrained with science output penalties.
- no border growths by culture.
- intensive technical upgrades. unit performances become more dependent on tech
- Simplify diplomacy with attitude
- Civ5 Ideology rules, changing one incurs anarchy transition periords for 5 turns!
Game currencies: Gold, Faith, Reputation, Workforce (May be traded for conscriptions)
Religions can only be founded when a civ meets SOME (but not all) prereq conditions (this including trade relations OR Empire size or AT LEAST one city reaches a certain pop count (By this time 'Old Gods' became irrelevant and phillosophy will be formed first, then religion, (i'm not sure how prophet race can be done?)

Combat System: Limited stacks with recruitable Generals, Combat command is issued to a leading general with 'Stance system' proposed by @Boris Gudenuf .

- 10,000 BC - 2200 AD
Number of turns possible 500-1,000 (Standard game)

Unit Classes
Land: (Draft, i might add or remove)
- Defensive Infantry
- Offensive Infantry
- Firepower Infantry
- Light Cavanry
- Heavy Cavalry
- Modern Cavalry
- Ranged

- Non combat: Settlers is the only unit now.

- Naval Standard
- Capitol Ship
- Submarine


- 2d 'digital cel' animations; preferably Asian Animes and might even be SD as well.

Unit evolutionary paths
Warrior -> Phalanx -> Heavy Infantry -> Tercio -> Fusilier -> Modern Infantry -> Mechanized Infantry -> Augmented Infantry
Warrior -> Swordsman -> Man At Arms -> Tercio ...
Archer -> Cannon -> Quick Firing Gun -> Missile Artillery -> Drone Carrier/Railcannon/Direct Energy Artillery
Light Chariot (1) -> Horseman (represents horse archer or light lancers too!) ->Dragoon->Cavalry->Aircav -> Space Marine
Light Chariot (2) -> Horseman (represents horse archer or light lancers too!) ->Dragoon->Cavalry->Medium Tank -> MBT -> Combat Walker
Heavy Chariot (1)-> Heavy Lancer (represents BOTH Cataphracts AND Knights) -> Cuirassier ->Cavalry -> Medium Tank -> MBT -> Combat Walker
Heavy Chariot (2)-> Heavy Lancer (represents BOTH Cataphracts AND Knights) -> Cuirassier ->Cavalry ->Aircav-> Space Marine

Ship evolutionary paths
Galley -> Polyreme -> Carrack (OR Xebec OR Galleon) -> Frigate -> Cruiser -> Destroyer -> Guided Missile Ship (they tend to be about a light cruiser size)
Galley -> Polyreme -> Carrack (OR Xebec OR Galleon) -> Ships of the Line -> Ironclad -> Battleship*
Galley -> Polyreme -> Carrack (OR Xebec OR Galleon) -> Ships of the Line -> Ironclad -> Carrier -> Supercarrier
* Battleship can either enjoy lenghtly tech upgrades OR 'converted' to Supercarrier OR becomes museum ship (only sufficiently promoted ones OR Flagship may earn this honor), but with this, a new ship built much later becomes more expensives not only of the OFF Economic of Scale costs but also new tech gadgets added. Note that Iowa class was kept several decades after BB became obsolete.

(Biplane) -> Fighter -> Jet
Bomber -> Stealth bomber -> Space Battleship* (They're something along the line of Gundam universe Federal space warships, no FTL capables)
* Think of Burkes or Zummwalts that can enter atmosphere and can attack anwyere on Earth. actually other better or mor practical name should be devised but this will be hitech unit).
Nuclear bomber -> Strategic Missile

Ideological unit
Inquisitor -> Blackshirts (Fascism only)
Inquisitor -> Commando (Democracy only)
Inquisitor -> Red Guard (Communism only)
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