Mar 22, 2002
The Netherlands
Hi, first of all, Im a newbee on this forum....

I like the game Civ. Very Much, I also play it since Civ 1...:)

Resently I've brought CIV 3!
Just wanna know if there is a some sort of cheat just like in Civ 2(gold) Were you can just easely cheat units, chance stuff etc.
Can U help me out!?


You can also save your game with the word 'multi' in the name. This allows you to see the entire map with all the resources (won't be able to use the resources until you have the techs, though) and change the AI's production allowing you to beat them to wonders. You might want to turn off animations of all computer moves so you don't have to watch them move every single unit. Here's the forum that explains the details about this cheat:

You could also use the editor to make an invincible unit that is only available for the civ you will be playing (unique unit).
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