Children of the One and other religions


Mar 20, 2013
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Even though this section is pretty dead, there's a lot to explore still about Erebus and its dynamics, and I'd like to take a hand in vitalizing this place, even if very slightly with my own questions. I'll have more questions and theorycrafting in the future, but for starters, I'll merely focus on the question alluded to by the thread name.

One thing that I wonder is the specifics on how other religions would react to the Children of the One existing. I know that the Order is pretty violent about the Children existing, to put it mildly, and the Children of the One cause monotheist revolts where they take hold, but how would the rest of the religions react specifically? Would the Empyrean eventually concede to the validity of the Children's preaching, or would they fight like the Order? What about the Runes of Kilmorph, or the Fellowship of Leaves, or the evil religions (Overlords, Esus, the Veil). I imagine the Veil would react as violently as the Order, but for its own foul reasons.

How the minor religions and Nemed + Gabella would react also interests me, and it'd be nice if I got answers for that too.
Honestly I am not sure if a lot of those cults would care all too much. I mean sure, the COTO are monotheistic but not in the real sense. They don't hold the other gods to not be real. They just claim their god > other gods. So whilst there would certainly be zealotry and religious rivalry abandon I don't really see a need for some sort of massive crusade as they really are not an existential threat. Not in the same way as say the AV is.

So really, I imagine that thew AV and Order would react most violently because they have most to loose. And everyone else would be content to just file these guys up with their other religious rivals.
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