City Improvements


Jan 8, 2002
The descriptions of the Civ3 City Improvements is now very short in comparison to Civ2. In reference to each City Improvement,
does this mean that the Civ3 city improvements now have less functions than they did in Civ2?

Civ3 example: the Barracks description says that the city produces Veteran units. It does NOT say that if a damaged unit spends an entire turn in the city with Barracks that it gets fully healed. Do I assume that the healing function is gone?

Should I assume that for any City Improvement description that does not have description of an old Civ2 function (like Barracks healing), it no longer has that function?
As far as I can tell, unless the description in civ3 states otherwise, the city improvements have the same effect as in civ2. I'm sure the barracks still heal units in one turn.
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