City States and Citadels


Nov 29, 2016
CSs are not allowed to build Citadels. But closer to the late game, CSs may have 2 or 3 Great Generals, who most often sit inside the city and, in fact, generals number 2 and 3 are useless, since the auras do not strengthen each other. For the troops and generals of the allied CSs to go on a long campaign, I saw it a long time ago in the vanilla version, when I lost a city and they went to save it (or take it for themselves).

Why not allow CSs to build Citadels in the 1st radius of the city? This way you can place up to 3 Citadels. This will provide better protection for CSs, whose units are usually destroyed very quickly. In the 1st radius, CS will be able to effectively change garrisons between the Citadels and the city itself.

Placing Citadels in the 1st radius will not capture other empires tiles - with very, very rare exceptions, if the CSs failed to expand to some mountain in the 2nd radius, and the mountain entered the territory of another empire (in the 3+ radius).

Plus, it would be desirable to teach the AI to forcibly build roads in the 1st radius of each city for the most effective rotation of troops.

The two Citadels in the screenshot will create an aura that deals 30 damage in 10 tiles.

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