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Jun 29, 2003
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The "civilizations" of Sumeria and early Greece consisted of city states- the Greeks called them poleis . These city-states often fought among one another (Peloponnesian Wars, Akkad conquering Sumer, etc.) I wanted to modify my game to include this, and here's what I came up with:

Prerequisite: Code of Laws
Corruption: Problematic
Hurry: Paid labor.
War Weariness: Low.
Unit Support (T/C/M): 4/2/1
Unit Cost: 1 GPT per excess unit.
Rate Cap: 7 or 8, undecided.
Flags: Trade Bonus, Xenophobic

Logic: First, I figured you can't have real "goverment" without written laws. I wasn't sure about the hurrying, so I left it as paid. I'd appreciate discussion about this. Unit support: similar to feudalism, obviously. I made it smaller as the town grew larger to represent the disapearance of regionalism- in other words, Athenians calling themselves "Hellenic" as opposed to "Attican" or "Athenian". The rate cap is to represent the disunity of your "goverment". The trade bonus represents whatever unity your people have to the confederation you lead. It show this by encouraging trade between the cities. (Not literal confederation, but...) Xenophobic was put in to show the distrust of other cultures shown by early peoples.

I want to make the citizens favor Republic and Feudalism, with a strong dislike toward the more centralized goverments- democracy, monarchy, despotism, and especially fascism and communism. However, I'm not posistive on the way the numbers in the editor effects the gameplay.

(This is part of a set of overall tweaks I'm making for myself, although I may upload it here later on after testing.)
Found your idea while searching for something else, so just one short sentence:
I think, paid labour is right for this type of civilisation, since the leader(s) would be relatively "near" to his citizens, and you decided not to have them a despotic regime. So, if he wants them to work faster he has to give them something and can't just use his military.
Just my thoughts about this.
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