Civ 2 MGE - Where to find?


Jan 23, 2002
Does anyone know where I might be able to buy Civilization 2 Multiplayer Gold Edition? Is it sold on the internet? Thanks!
There are always copies available at you can sometimes find copies at a local Electronics Boutique or Gamestop on the shelf depending where you live of course. Also there is always my patch if you already have some version of Civ 2
Because it is bugged!!!:eek:
I'm trying to attain limits of a MGE-patched game (no cheats
of course) and I realized that if you get more than 250 airports
(with maximum of 255 cities) then you cannot
airport an unit.In fact,game stops when calling airport list!!!
So I can not use my airports !!my game is unplayable.
You shoul have a look on it and fix it:crazyeyes
Thats real important.:rolleyes:

are you trying to airlift between adjacent cities? :p
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