Civ 4 - Multiplayer?


Jul 29, 2007
Hey all.

I got Civ4 about a month ago and I've been enjoying the SP thoroughly but at some point I want to give multiplayer a go. I actually have BTS as well but have yet to install it (wanna master vanilla Civ 4 first).

So... I went into the multiplayer lobby, and joined a game at random only to find it was already in progress!?!? What's going on here?

Is there anyway to start a game and finish it with the same players? Also, how does Civ4 handles the games since they're bound to be long? (most of my games take at least 12-15 hours)
Most multiplayer games have turn timers which force players towards war and away from micromanagement. Nearly all games are practically over by the end of the middle ages.

It's one of the reasons I don't play the regular multiplayer. I just play with a group of personal friends, and we take our time, and try to play a good game.
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