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Civ 7 idea about units and geography


Nov 1, 2019
I don't know if this would be an interesting way to expand on the unit movement system, but I thought I would just mention it.

What if there were more realistic oceans but in essence that just means that there are more kinds of "water". "It is rough around the horn all the time", so to speak. The point is, you need more modern boats to have a good chance of survival, but some boats, even after you have deep ocean going boats, the early ones would probably sink in a hurricane, but they probably sank more easily in many circumstances. Suppose there are more kinds of modern boats in the end game. They might not be better at combat but sometimes the vehicle advancement is being able to be better in more kinds of weather and water.

Storms could have realistic lifetimes and travel distances. Early boats have nothing but visual detection and/or the look of dawn if that is a real thing. Later, you can move your aircraft carrier out of the way because you can see the the global storms at all times.

Suppose the major water and air currents can be modeled. In the age of sails, you direct your boats what their destination hex is, but their movement path is possibly altered by the currents and they can get stuck in dead water for a while.

Water can behave differently than the land. Embarked units move very slowly through the hexes and the boats look like fleas, unless you zoom way in. Then you can model a more realistic speed to travel between landmasses without having to have an enormous number of hexes. This system would need to support a unit being required to take multiple turns to cross a hex. I don't know what that would look like though. I suppose, it could look like a unit in the hex, but positioned according to what fraction of the way through the hex it is. If you change the destination of the unit at any time it begins to move toward the appropriate exit side of the hex. One of the six sides. The number of turns required to exit the hex is recalculated.
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