Civ 7: Submarines can move under ice


Nov 1, 2019
It could also be a tweak to civ 6. It wouldn't be out of place if submarines could not be attacked by some ships. Early era ships probably should not be able to attack submarines. They are sitting ducks. Can a missile cruiser attack a submarine in real life? Would it be terrible if you could hit a button to toggle whether it is surface or not? A submerged submarine can not monitor the surface that well can it? Maybe a submarine should only be able to see adjacent units too, unless it is surfaced.

A missile ship might have a large range and can target any targetable ship in range even if it is being spotted by another ship. Maybe 20 hexes away. No idea.

Maybe artillery should be able to fire from farther away working the same way. Then you could have artillery sitting 20 hexes away. Maybe a sniper can shoot 3 hexes but a normal infantry can shoot only 2 hexes. They could make the late game more interesting by expanding their actual capabilities and range.

By the time you get to the late game, you don't have to be that close to fight. You have much longer ranges. You don't have to take cities to dominate.

I digress, but it is relevant. If they change the ranges of units to much greater distances and changed what domination means, it might lead to an exciting late game. In the early game, maybe you have to take cities. In the late game, maybe there are other ways to win a domination. I don't know what though. If you bomb a civilian city in WW2 the people react differently than in 2023. The physical damage inflicted is not the same. As the age of mass media sets in, the need to please the people grows. You can't bomb cities like the old days. You have to bomb the military targets to win and force the government to submit. How much the people support the government depends on how well the player is doing.

How the people rate you should probably change through the centuries. By the time you get to the 21st century, you can't fail too much or too long. If you lose big with military, game over, you are getting kicked out of office, in a civilized democracy. Maybe more? Mess up the economy? Bye. The people have the power on what is easy to agree about. They have limited personal intelligence gathering capability in the early eras and by the time you get to the 21st century, they have so much intelligence, they don't know what to believe or there are many alternatives to think about. When the people widely don't know what to believe or believe the wrong things, they lose some of that power or influence that they have when they all know what is true, or they misuse it. That is real life, but it probably wouldn't hurt anything to put it into the game. Propaganda and modern ways that foreign powers influence each other and the effect on what people believe can bring about major changes in governments. Even the so called "superpowers" are not immune. Mass media and mass communication probably should change the game. Social media has shown to be most influential. I won't say it has the same power to get things done though. Social media is very volatile. People can come go in the blink of an eye, but they still ripple long after they are gone from the internet, as long as their messages are still around. What seems trivial to one person can be very meaningful to another.

The known long term effects of social media over the course of the human species is impossible to know, but I think it will be good.

anyway, submarines. long ranges. yeah.
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Wait, is sailing under the ice not a thing in Civ6? It's possible in other games in the franchise, including BERT.
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