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Civ IV - BTS Icons


Nov 4, 2005
Melbourne, AU
Greetings Pals & Gals.
Shortly after BTS was released I saw a post around here with a Icon pack, that is it had specific icons for some (if not all) of the newer content released in the expansion, one of the icons I remember that were included was an icon for final frontier (well that is the only one i really remember right now from that pack).

If anyone knows were I can get them from please let me know.

yeah I don't really get what you are look for either.
Oh dear! :wallbash:
Look at your Windows Desktop, were the recycle bin is located. You generaly have Icons/shortcuts to start any game, so if you wanted to run Civ 4 - BTS you would double click the Icon that is labelled "Sid Meir's Civilization IV - Beyond The Sword", and any other game for example - "Need for Speed - Undercover", Can I be any more clear about this? :gripe:
You double click any icon in windows to start any game or program.
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