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May 1, 2006
I would like to play a new type of game that combines traits from many other games.

Imagine a world where players begin with no tools or technology, where you start off as basically a member of a herd of hunter foragers. The world would be populated by many herds of real players that compete against eachother and war with eachother or trade.

You would start off similar to minecraft, using your bare hands, feet, and teeth to make things, hunt, gather, modify the turrain. And as a group or individually you could develop new technology and skills, maybe even magical powers. Maybe by repeated production of certain items you build a research pool to advance technology, or maybe it would involve gathering of very rare materials or artifacts from lost civilizations to fuel progress.

Over time you could eventually develop swords, guns, explosives basically anything that exists or has existed before along with possibly some magical things or abilities that are pure fantasy or folklore. At some point the world could enter global war such as world war 1 and 2, maybe even a future ww3 where you will need to rebuild society in the aftermath.

And everything you do in the game would permanently change the landscape. If you dig a hole and place pointed sticks inside and covered it with branches then it would stay there until a player or animal wanderered over it.

But there could be much more, interactions between tribes could involve sabatoge of food or resource supplies, arson, theft, murder and assassination, or peaceful trade and military alliance.

The leader of a tribe and maybe his closest advisors could access an alternate view on the game such as the players of savage could, directing players actions by orders/suggestion so there would be a warcraft/command and conquer aspect to the game not always first person perspective. But that wouldnt prevent individual players from ignoring commands or just going out and building any structures they can on their own or with friends.

You could have the ability to flag other players as pvp targets so if you see them they would be labeled as enemies. But you wouldnt know players names automatically, they would have to tell you their name and you could label them as that name. And there would be no /whisper or /tell commands, you would have to write messages on paper or graffiti to send messages, you could pay someone to carry a message or your tribe may have a post office. Eventually you will get the tech to carry a cell phone. Maybe there could be an option for real voice communication so talking in a mic could transmit your voice in the game in a small area around you for people to hear. Or later on radios and telephones.

The economy would be entirely player driven, the resources of the game would be finite for things such as gold or other metals, and cutting down forests you would have to wait for them to grow back or plant new ones. You would need to eat or you would starve, so the begining of the game the only valuable things would be food you hunted or gathered, but eventually a city state may develop its own coinage, or paper currency. Overprinting money would create real inflation.

There could be a death system similar to mario brothers or eve, where you have a limited number of extra lives that would be difficult to replenish, so at some point you could be permanently killed and have to roll a new character.

If the makers opt to have magic, there could also be various monsters, undead, dragons. So you could have an aspect to the game where your tribe may go to battle with a dragon in some mountainous cavern for vast rewards of treasure or simply to protect against attacks against your cattle.

Im not really sure where to place this suggestion, but civ5 is the latest of the civilization games so i figured this would be a good place to start. Having trouble getting activation email to post on 2k forums.

I suppose this would be some sort of world simulator, it could even be generated using real world sattelite maps with buildings removed. It would be interesting to see how it played out, would people always be at war or would they live peacefully together. Would some nations enslave enemy players and force them to manual labor with threat of death? How would the economy develop. Would any tribe chose to live underground in bunkers hiding from everyone else? Would any nation build castles and would any other nation be able to take control of it or destroy it?

Would there be a tribe of criminal outlaws that kill and steal what they need from more civilized people, and what would they chose as a hideout? Who would be the first to survive a voyage across the ocean? And would new players start off as indians there in practically the stone age.

Would anyone be able to construct a space vessel to carry players and supplies to a distant planet able to support human life? And what flora and fauna would they bring with them, how long would it be before a competing nation got there as well?

The possibilites could be endless, and with all the effort that goes into computer games today, just think what the developers could accomplish if they all worked together on this one project.


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Dec 27, 2006
Inside a Ziggurat
I actually would love a game which mixes Civilization, Sim City and Sims, you play through generations of a small area, but at the same time manage a City, whilst you and your surroundings advance through times, from Cavemen to Spacemen! It would be an awesome game.
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