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Civ Unique Ability Elimination Thread

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Greece - Plato's Republic: 10 (13-3) It's boring. Yea, it's good, and it's flexible, but heck if it's not boring.
Maori - Mana: 18 (17+1) But Mana is a rather good ability, and is also flexible in victory type (though not too flexible in map type, as it does better on island-based maps than on continents/pangaea), AND it's incredibly fun! It's perhaps the most game-changing of any ability in Civ 6. You start the game in the middle of the ocean. It's great for exploration, and exploring the world first gets you lots of goodies, like free envoys, era score, and tribal villages. Bonus production on unimproved tiles so that you get incentive to keep your forested lands untouched, and you can't harvest resources, which is a disadvantage but is thematic and can change the way you see the map, especially combined with the other things. Plus, your fishing boats not only trigger a culture bomb, which I always like, but also get +1 Food, which can be pretty juicy on an islands map where you will be the one to find all those nice rich coastal lands first. Overall, the disparity between performance on different map types and the presence of downsides could make one argue that this ability isn't the best, but it's the most unique of them all and is often quite powerful as well.
Greece - Plato's Republic: 11 (10+1) Easy great prophet in the early game. And so much flexibility at no cost.
Maori - Mana: 15 (18-3) Fun and all but the lack of chopping is crippling imo. (Rip wonders in higher difficulties. Rip quick wall when someone attacks you...
Rip pushing prod because you re going to war in a few turns)
Greece - Plato's Republic: 8 (11-3) This ability shouldn't be considered the best ability. It's usefulness decreases the more policy cards you have, since having more policy slots means this ability only becomes worth as much as your 2nd or 3rd or 4th, etc strongest policy card. For example, people who point to this ability being powerful due to a specific policy card being powerful are typically mistaken due to you being able to use that policy card even without Greece's ability. Here's an example: If your 4 strongest policy cards are economic cards, and you have 2 economic slots and 2 wildcard slots including Greece's ability, your extra wildcard slot in that scenario is only worth the value of your 4th strongest policy card.
Sure it can be used to help get a prophet early game, but you still have to invest in a holy site, so it's not like this ability is giving it to you for free.

Maori - Mana: 16 (15+1) This ability is just so powerful with how you can meet almost all the city-states first and get those early envoy bonuses. The tile bonuses are nice too.
Greece - Plato's Republic: 9 (8+1) The flexibility this offers is great throughout the entire game.

Maori - Mana: 13 (16-3) A really unique and fun abillity, but comes with significant drawbacks.
Greece - Plato's Republic: 10 = 9 + 1 While I feel some of the adjacency bonus civs are better, this is still amazing. There are many powerful policy cards. And this also helps in a pinch if you hit an unfortunate dark age and need to slot more loyalty cards and still allow you to keep your economy on track. And slotting something like colonial taxes alone would justify how powerful this is. Sure you can say you could just put that in your regular economic slot, but what if you want extra builder charges as well, or faster settlers.

Maori - Mana: 10 = 13 - 3 I just have found this is not this impactful my game. Yes I have seen a youtuber get massive free envoys with this, but the map was set up in his favor, and who knows how much he reloaded to get that map. I never had that great of results with it. Production is nice, but map dependent.
Greece: Plato's Republic: 11 (10+1) Simple but powerful. You're not limited in how you want to do your game. Want a religion? Maybe you'd rather have a GS instead? Starts that snowball and never ends.
Maori - Mana: 7 (10-3) 5 mini-bonuses and 2 maluses seem to be the best ability in this game apparently? I prefer a simple ability that goes far instead of just throwing a bunch of things at the wall and see what sticks.
Greece - Plato's Republic: 11-3=8 - To be honest, I barely noticed it during my Greek game... There are several abilities that do allow flexible play and I consider greater.
Maori - Mana: 7+1=8 - Neither is the winner I'd want, given that I don't consider either to be more powerful than, say, Russia, Brazil or Australia, I'm not happy about how the finishing ranks went, but here we are. If anything, this is much more fun and flavourful than Greek bonus, so I'll support it in the end.
Greece - Plato's Republic: 9 (8+1): Not much I can add to this fantastic ability.
Maori - Mana: 5 (8-3): Way too dependent on start position.
Greece - Plato's Republic: 9 + 1 = 10 I'll admit this ability is simple and probably not as fun, but I always find myself wishing for more slots during tier 2 governments (around that time you unlock so many good cards)...

Maori - Mana: 5 - 3 = 2 As I said before, turns cows and flat stone into the worst tiles in the game (and non-marsh, non-flood plains wheat and rice). Not only can they never spawn on features (hence no Marae bonus) but once improved they yield just as much as other civ's unimproved tiles! A cow pasture is 3f1p and a flatland grassland stone quarry is 2f2p... you get 2f3p from your own UNIMPROVED forest hill tile. The bonus makes absolutely no sense. Not only that you also cannot harvest copper or crabs (gold bonus resources are pretty much useless except when harvested!).

Edit: seems the poster above posted right when I was typing. Updated the scores to reflect this.
Greece - Plato's Republic: 7 (10 - 3).
Maori - Mana: 3 (2 + 1).
Probably my last vote. Greece's ability is great, just not better than Maori because Maori's is more powerful with its varied mini-abilities, available from turn 1 (rather than waiting to research the first Civic), much more fun, and allows for more variable play styles. Mana is just a better all round ability. Maori has a solution for Greece (can build Forbidden City), and while it comes relatively later, Greece doesn't have a solution to Maori's ability at all!
Greece - Plato's Republic: 4 = 7 - 3.
Maori - Mana: 4 = 3 + 1.

All tied up :D

I prefer Maori/Mana. More bonuses, better exploration, more productive woods/rainforest, and more fun.
OMG so hard choice to make. someone told Greece is less strong as time progress as additional card is less meaningful with govs with more card slots.
But noone stated Maori gets weaker too, as lumbermills are better than raw production.

These two are so strong it is hard to downvote sth, but I think I take Greece over Maori. The main reason is harvesting.

Greece - Plato's Republic: 5 = 4+1
Maori - Mana: 1 = (4-3)
Oh, I have a chance to end it...I won't though, because we are allowed to think beyond just power. Greece's ability is indeed great, but in terms of changing up gameplay and adding flavor to the game, I have to go with the Maori.

Greece - Plato's Republic: 2 (5 - 3)
Maori - Mana: 2 (1 + 1)

The next voter decides.
Good and fun beats great and dull in my book.

Greece - Plato's Republic: ELIMINATED (2-3)
Maori - Mana: 3 (2+1)

I was going to agree. Greece's is strong. Perhaps equally strong. But Maori takes the cake on unique, fun, and flipping a traditional game on its head.

((Same should be said of Mali but too many people feel the production malus is too much for them))
I'm excited by the distribution of results in terms of Base vs. DLC vs. R&F vs. GS (and I count Aztecs as DLC), as it pushes back against the concept that all the best civs are DLC. 4 of the top 7 are base game and 4 of the bottom 7 are base game as well. The distribution isn't perfect, of course, but I would say it's quite good for a random sampling. I would be curious to see if that is true of the other aspects of a civ/leader and the overall results as well.
would you count england as gs?
Seriously England , england... it's one civ over a ton of them , could you guys stop with england ,noone cares about england in this game except three guys , they just so happen to be here.
would you count england as gs?
it's an interesting question to me, especially as their current iteration is built around Gathering Storm mechanics. That said, I am inclined to say no.
Post Gathering Storm
Spoiler :

1. Maori - Mana
2. Greece - Plato's Republic
3. :Kongo - Nkisi
4. Aztec - Legend of the Five Suns
5. Russia - Mother Russia
6. Japan - Meiji Restoration
7. Australia - Land Down Under
8. Scotland - Scottish Enlightenment
9. Mongolia - Örtöö
10. Netherlands - Grote Rivieren
11. The Ottomans - Great Turkish Bombard
12. Brazil - Amazon
13. England - Workshop of the World
14. Zulu - Isibongo
15. Hungary - Pearl of the Danube
16. Scythia - People of the Steppe
17. Nubia - Ta-Seti
18. Mali - Songs of the Jeli
19. Egypt - Iteru
20. Sweden - Nobel Prize
21. Germany - Free Imperial Cities
22. Inca - Mit'a
23. Poland - Golden Liberty
24. Rome - All Roads Lead To Rome
25. Sumeria - Epic Quest
26. Canada - Four Faces of Peace
27. Macedon - Hellenistic Fusion
28. Cree - Nihithaw
29. America - Founding Fathers
30. Arabia - The Last Prophet
31. Indonesia - Great Nusantara
32. Persia - Satrapies
33. Mapuche - Toqui
34. Phoenicia - Mediterranean Colonies
35. China - Dynastic Cycle
36. Norway - Knarr
37. Georgia - Strength In Unity
38. Spain - Treasure Fleet
39. Korea - Three Kingdoms
40. France - Grand Tour
41. India - Dharma
42. Khmer - Grand Barays

Before Gathering Storm
Spoiler :

1) Australia - Land Down Under
2) Greece - Plato's Republic
3) Japan - Meiji Restoration
4) Kongo - Nkisi
5) Nubia - Ta-Seti
6) Netherlands - Geraldo Rivieren
7) Scotland - Scottish Enlightenment
8) Mongolia - Ortoo
9) Zulu - Isibongo
10) Scythia - People of the Steppe
11) Aztec - Legend of the Five Suns
12) Russia - Mother Russia
13) Macedon - Hellenistic Fusion
14) Germany - Free Imperial Cities
15) Persia - Satrapies
16) Cree - Nihitaw
17) Rome - All Roads Lead to Rome
18) Sumeria - Epic Quest
19) Brazil - Amazon
20) Norway - Knarr
21) Mapuche - Toqui
22) France - Grand Tour
23) Arabia - The Last Prophet
24) Indonesia - Grand Nusantara
25) Poland - Golden Liberty
26) England - British Museum
27) China - Dynastic Cycle
28) Spain - Treasure Fleet
29) America - Founding Fathers
30) Georgia - Strength in Unity
31) Korea - Three Kingdoms
32) Khmer - Grand Barays
33) Egypt - Iteru
34) India - Dharma
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