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[BNW] Civ V Acronyms and Terms


Aug 5, 2012
Rural Vermont
Browd submitted a new resource:

Civ V Acronyms and Terms - Civ V Acronyms and Terms

Civ V List of Acronyms and Terms

Here's the revised War Academy List of Civilization V acronyms and terms -- originally compiled for the vanilla version of the game by binhthuy71, and now expanded to include terms from the Gods & Kings and Brave New World expansions. Hopefully, it will help everyone get a...

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Being new to the forums this list is quite useful, thanks for putting it out there
Very nice update! Life got in the way of gaming for a few years and I was able to get back to Civ just a few days ago so I need the list as much as anyone else! Thanks for mentioning me in the intro.
Would you consider stickying this on the general discussions page where it would be most useful and easier to find/know exists?

I remember when I first came here I just assumed blub meant planting a GP in the soil like a plant blub, which defiantly confused me until I realized what it actually meant ;).
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