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Jul 28, 2022
Civ VI Environment Emulation

Perhaps this is an unfortunate time to have made this, it's been over 6 years since Civ VI came out now and its modding scene is certainly past its prime.
Nevertheless, I present to you Civ VI Environment Emulation, a vscode plugin that I've worked on for the better part of these last few months, a tool for greater modding productivity.

As of now (yes, I still plan to expand this), the plugin's main purpose is to automatically load thousands of lines of auto-generated lua definitions compatible with Lua Language Server (or to a lesser extent, EmmyLua).
In a way, this is a direct improvement to gqqnbig's civ6schema (exception being that I'm yet to make any XML schemas).

Other functions include custom snippets and expanding lua's syntax to support HavokScript.

Demonstration of Event autocomplete:

Demonstrations of HavokScript syntax:


The sheer amount of stuff covered in this plugin is something I'm quite proud of, so if you like lua modding I recommend checking this out.
For those who don't mod in lua, I do plan to update this with similar resources for SQLite, XML, etc but a lot of my motivation to do this comes from the knowledge that it might help someone, so I greatly value the feedback you share with me.

I periodically update this plugin with information scraped from Civ VI Modding Companion 2.0, so if you've got info that I don't, I encourage you leave comments on the relevant cells in that doc.
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