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Civ3 and Windows 11

That worked for Steam! Thank you!!

Any thoughts / tricks for the CD by chance?
The CD itself won’t even start the game after I click “play game”.
I'm not sure about the CD version. If it runs straight from the CD rather than installing to the HDD it definitely won't work, and I don't have any ideas other than trying what others have said earlier in this thread.
I have a problem playing Civ III on my PC. I have a Steam version. I have long played it, but I recently upgraded to Windows 11, and now Civilization won't come up properly. Only about one-fourth of the Civ page comes up; the rest is desktop. Any suggestions?
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View attachment 630819
I tried all the things mentioned and none of them worked. I did get a solution though ...
When I got to this point I went back to windows (Windows + D)
Ran TaskManager
Found the Civilization task
Clicked on the > so that I could see the "subtasks"
Right click on the task "Sid Meier's Civilization III" and picked "Maximize"
Alt + tab back to Civilization. There was a black screen for a couple seconds and then it worked!
Windows 10 here.
It was a combination of all the above that worked for me.

A combination of the High DPI Resolution mentioned on the previous page and

Videomode=1024 also made it larger on the screen
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To fix the quarter screen issue for CIC3PTW in Windows 11 I had to open Infogrames Interactive>Civilization III>CIV3PTW>ptw file and add the following:
Video Mode=1024

I had to change my screen resolution to 1024 x 768 and the game opened full screen.

Dantichrist you're right, I had that idea too :) (Windows 11)
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