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Civ3 Conquests Additions & Changes List

Discussion in 'Civ3 - General Discussions' started by Thunderfall, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. Arathorn

    Arathorn Catan player

    Jan 10, 2002
    C3C Changes from PTW

    Civ Traits

    New Traits
    Agricultural - Provides one bonus food in the city square in all governments except despotism. In despotism, the bonus food only appears if the city is by fresh water. Half-price aqueduct, hospital, solar plant, hydro plant.

    Seafaring - Cities on the coast of salt water gain one extra commerce in the city square. +1 naval movement. Less chance of sinking in sea/ocean when sailing there before they are safe. Half price harbor, commercial dock, offshore platform.

    Traits Changed
    Industrious worker speed bonus reduced from 100% to 50% faster than non-Industrious workers.

    New Civs' Traits
    Byzantium - Seafaring, Scientific
    Hittites - Expansionist, Commercial
    Inca - Agricultural, Expansionist
    Maya - Agricultural, Industrious
    Netherlands - Agricultural, Seafaring
    Portugal - Seafaring, Expansionist
    Sumeria - Agricultural, Scientific

    Old Civs' Changed Traits
    Aztecs - from Militaristic, Religious to Agricultural, Militaristic
    Carthage - from Commercial, Industrious to Industrious, Seafaring
    Celts - from Militaristic, Religious to Agricultural, Religious
    England - from Commercial, Expansionist to Commercial, Seafaring
    Iroquois - from Expansionist, Religious to Agricultural, Commercial
    Scandinavia - from Expansionist, Militaristic to Militaristic, Seafaring
    Spain - from Commercial, Religious to Religious, Seafaring


    New Units
    Unit Name	   A/D/M(A.R.F)	   Cost	 Tech	           Resources	Upgrades     Upgrades	Notes
    					                                From         To
    Ancient Cavalry    3/2/2	   40	 None	           Ivory	None	     None	+1 hp, produced every 5 turns by Statue of Zeus when ivory is present, can't be built "normally"
    Carrack            2/2/4(3.1.1)	   40	 Astronomy	   None	        Galley	     Frigate	Portuguese UU replacing caravel, safe on ocean, holds 3
    Chasqui Scout      1/1/2	   20	 None	           None	        None	     Explorer   Incan UU replacing scout, ignores movement penalty of hills/mountains
    Crusader           5/3/1	   70	 None	           None	        None	     None	Produced every 5 turns by Knight's Templar, can't be built "normally", can build fortress
    Curragh            1/1/2	   15	 Alphabet	   None	        None	     Galley
    Cruiser            15/10/6(7.1.2)  160	 Combustion	   Oil	        None	     None	Anti-aircraft 1, radar
    Dromon             2/1/3(2.1.2)	   30	 Map Making	   None	        Curragh	     Caravel	Byzantine UU replaces galley, holds 2, lethal sea bombard
    Enkidu Warrior     1/2/1	   10	 None	           None	        None	     Pike	Sumerian UU replacing spear
    Flak               1/6/1	   70	 Flight		   None	        None	     Mobile SAM	Anti-aircraft 2
    Guerilla           6/6/1(3.0.1)	   90	 Replaceable Parts None	        Longbow, MDI TOW
    Javelin Thrower    2/2/1	   30	 Warrior Code	   None	        None	     Longbow	Mayan UU replacing archer, has 1/3 chance to enslave
    Mobile SAM         1/6/2	   100	 Rocketry	   None	        Flak	     None	Anti-aircraft 4
    Modern Paratrooper 6/11/1	   110	 Synthetic Fibers  Oil, Rubber	Paratrooper  None	Airdrop
    Three-Man Chariot  2/2/2	   30	 The Wheel	   Horses	None	     Knight	Hittite UU replacing chariot and horseman; wheeled
    Trebuchet          0/0/1(6.1.1)    30	 Engineering	   None	        Catapult     Cannon
    Swiss Mercenary    1/4/1	   30	 Feudalism	   Iron	        Musketman    Rifleman	Netherlands UU replaces pike (and typically musketman)
    TOW Infantry       12/14/1(6.0.1)  120	 Rocketry	   None	        Guerilla     None
    Changes to Old Units
    AEGIS Cruiser from 12/10/5 (4.2.2) to 15/10/7 (6.2.2) with anti-aircraft
    Archer gains (1.0.1) bombard.
    Battleship gains anti-aircraft 2.
    Carrier move increased from 4 to 7 and gains anti-aircraft 1.
    Cossack from 6/4/3 to 6/3/3 with blitz.
    Cruise Missile range increased from 3 to 4.
    Destroyer move increased from 5 to 8 and gains anti-aircraft 1.
    Explorer now available with Astronomy, not Navigation.
    Frigate from 2/2/4 (2.1.2) to 2/2/5 (3.1.2).
    Gallic Swordsman cost decreased from 50 shields to 40 shields.
    Helicopter from carrying 1 to carrying 3.
    H'wacha from (12.1.1) bombard to (8.1.1) bombard with lethal land bombard.
    Ironclad from 4/4/4 (4.1.2) to 5/6/4 (6.1.2) available with Ironclads tech.
    Jaguar Warrior cost increased from 10 shields to 15 shields. Now requires Warrior Code. No longer replaces warrior.
    Longbow gains (2.0.1) bombard.
    Man-O-War from 3/2/4 (3.1.2) for 60 shields to 4/2/5 (4.1.2) for 65 shields, with a chance to enslave.
    Marine from 8/6/1 to 12/6/1.
    Musketeer from 3/4/1 to 2/5/1 with (2.0.1) bombard.
    Nuclear Submarine move increased from 4 to 5.
    Paratrooper from 6.8.1 to 4.9.1.
    Privateer from 2/1/3 for 60 shields to 2/1/5 for 50 shields, with a chance to enslave.
    Radar Artillery move increased from 1 to 2.
    Submarine move increased from 3 to 4.
    Transport from 1/4/5 carrying 8 to 1/2/6 carrying 6.
    War Elephant now gains an extra +1 hp.

    Terrain and Improvements

    New Terrain
    Volcano - 0 food/3 shields/0 commerce, takes 3 MP, gives 80% defense bonus, can't be improved, occasionally erupts to destroy nearby units/improvements and create pollution
    Marsh - 1 food/0 shields/0 commerce, takes 2 MP, gives 20% defense bonus, can be cleared, can be roaded for 1 commerce, cities can't be formed on marsh, causes disease.

    New Improvements
    Barricade - improved fortress - increases defense bonus to 100% and stops all units trying to move through it
    Craters - created when a square is bombarded to nothing - takes time to clear before the square can be further improved
    Ruins - created when a town is razed - has no effect on square productivity - disappears when square is improved

    New Bonus Resources
    Sugar - 1 food and 1 commerce (found on plains and hills)
    Fruit - 1 food and 1 commerce (found in jungle)
    Oasis - 2 food (found in desert)
    Tobacco - 1 commerce (found in grassland, hills, and plains)

    Tech Tree Changes

    New Techs
    Ironclads - requires Steam Power, required for nothing, allows Ironclads unit, optional tech
    Fascism- requires Nationalism, required for nothing, allows Fascism Government, optional tech

    Techs Removed
    Radio - Civil Defense now available with Electronics

    Other Changes
    Electronics is no longer a prerequisite for Motorized Transportation.
    Philosophy now gives a bonus tech to the first civ to research it.

    Government Changes

    New Governments
    Feudalism - available with Feudalism, problematic corruption (like Monarchy), low war weariness (like Republic), 5/2/1 unit support, unit cost of 3 per excess unit, 3 MPs, 100% worker rate
    Fascism - available with Fascism, nuisance corruption (like Republic), no war weariness, 4/7/10 unit support, unit cost of 1 per excess unit, 4 MPs, 200% worker rate. Causes reduction in population when switched into and cannot build cultural buildings in cities without a majority of native citizens

    Changes to Old Governments
    Republic now has 1/3/4 unit support but bears a unit cost of 2 per excess unit.

    Revolutions now take one turn longer, across the board. For religious civs, this means anarchy is 2 turns and it is 2-9 turns for all other civs.

    Wonders, Great and Small

    New Wonders
    Statue of Zeus - 200 shields, Mathematics, requires Ivory, 4 cpt, Rel and Mil, produces Ancient Cavalry unit every 5 turns, expires with Metallurgy
    Mausoleum of Mausollos - 200 shields, Philosophy, 2 cpt, Sci and Sea, 3 unhappy citizens made content, never expires
    Temple of Artemis - 500 shields, Polytheism, 4 cpt, Rel, puts a temple in every city on the continent, expires with Education
    Knight's Templar - 300 shields, Chivalry, 2 cpt, Rel and Mil, produces a Crusader unit every 5 turns, expires with Steam Power

    Secret Police Headquarters - 200 shields, Espionage, 0 cpt, Small wonder, acts as a second FP while in Communism

    Changes to Existing Wonders
    Colossus - traits from Expansionist, Commercial, Religious to Expansionist, Seafaring, Commercial
    Cure for Cancer - add trait Agricultural
    Great Wall - added ability of creating a wall in every town on the same continent
    Magellan's Voyage - add trait Seafaring
    Pyramids - add trait Agricultural
    Shakespeare's Theatre - also allows a city to grow beyond size 12 and now costs 450 shields
    Universal Suffrage - trait from Militaristic to Agricultural

    New Wonder Ability
    Some Great Wonders now have the ability to become tourist attractions. These wonders produce revenue (uncorrupted, not affected by buildings) based on their age. It starts at 2 gpt after 1000 years and can grow as high as 14 gpt. Pyramids, Oracle, Hanging Gardens, Great Wall, Statue of Zeus, Temple of Artemis, Mausoleum of Mausollos, Great Library, Colossus, Great Lighthouse, Sistine Chapel, Leonardo's Workshop, Copernicus' Observatory, Shakespeare's Theatre, Newton's University, JS Bach's Cathedral, Hoover Dam, and United Nations can become tourist attractions.


    New Leaders
    Scientific Great Leader (SGL) - has a 3% chance of appearing if a Civ is the first to discover a tech (5% for Scientific civs). An SGL can rush a wonder (either Great or Small). In theory, an SGL can also cause an "Age of Science" to increase beakers by 20% for 20 turns, but this functionality does not work. The button is there, but it does nothing.

    Changes to MGL
    Military Great Leaders (MGLs) can no longer rush Great Wonders. They can still create armies and can rush small wonders or other buildings.

    Changes to Armies
    Armies now get a bonus to their A/D/M values. The bonus to A is equal to the sum of the A values of all units in the army divided by 6 and rounded down (e.g. 3 cavalry in an army has an A bonus of (6+6+6)/6 = 3 and 3 swords in an army have an A bonus of (3+3+3)/6 = 1). Building the Military Academy makes the denominator 4 instead of 6. The D bonus is similar, but with D values summed. All armies also get a +1 M value (one extra movement point). Thus, an army of 4 cavalry after the Military Academy has been built (assumes Pentagon, too), is effectively a 12/6/4 unit.
    Armies also heal in enemy territory (one hp/unit pre-Battlefield Medicine and two hp/unit after), can pillage without expending a movement point, and heal much faster in your territory than before, too. Armies also have extended viewing range (+1 tile), blitz, and zone of control.


    New Specialists
    Civil Engineer - available with Replaceable Parts, produces two incorruptible, non-multiplicative (e.g. factory doesn't help) shields for use on buildings and wonders and zero shields for units
    Policeman - available with Nationalism, reduces corruption by one shield and one commerce arrow, subject to multiplier buildings, except in maximally corrupt cities

    Changes to Existing Specialists
    Scientists now produce 3 beakers per turn instead of 1.
    Taxmen now produce 2 gold tax per turn instead of 1.

    Changes to Interface

    Cultural flips and SGLs can be turned off on game setup screen.
    F8 now shows domination limit, spaceship parts completed by the leader, and a lot of other win condition information.
    Shift-D for workers now is clear damage and not open diplomacy. Control-Shift-D opens the diplomacy window at all times.
    New option at set-up - play the last world, which starts a new game on the same map as previously played.
    New option in map choosing - world map seed, which allows maps to be shared easily and/or named maps to be played.
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  2. Arathorn

    Arathorn Catan player

    Jan 10, 2002
    Other Significant Changes

    Old exploits around the Forbidden Palace, rings, and palace jumps were removed. The Forbidden Palace no longer provides a second core like a palace. Instead, it provides a low degree of effect for cities near it and a general corruption-fighting effect on the entire empire. Both the old method and the new method are meticulously described in the forums, but they're hard to condense into a short description. Basically, in C3C, building the FP closer and earlier is a better bet.

    Courthouses and Police Stations now have a greater effect on distant corruption, too. The old cap of corruption was 95% and nothing helped it. Now, both courthouses and police stations lower the maximum corruption.

    Communal corruption (Communism's corruption) received a significant overhaul as well. The details are in the links above, but the general idea is that communal corruption is significantly less corrupt than in PTW.

    New Difficulty Levels
    Demi-God - between Emperor and Deity, Demi-God AIs have a cost factor of .7 (meaning things cost 70% for them), 3 starting offensive units, 6 starting defensive units, 1 bonus settler, 2 bonus workers, 12 free unit support plus 3 per city, max anarchy of 2 turns, 160 AI-AI trade ratio, human has 25% bonus vs. barbs and human has 70% of the normal OCN
    Sid - beyond Deity, Sid AIs have a cost factor of .4, 6 starting offensive units, 12 starting defensive units, 2 bonus settlers, 4 bonus workers, 24 free unit support plus 8 per city, max anarchy of 1 turn, 200 AI-AI trade ratio, human has 0% bonus vs. barbs and human has 50% of the normal OCN

    Space Race Changed
    SS Statis Chamber now requires Robotics instead of Synthetic Fibers.

    [size]Cultural "100K" Victory Changed[/size]
    The civ-wide cultural victory condition default has changed from 100K on all maps to depend on map size. For tiny maps, it's 60K, small is 80K, standard 100K, large 130K, huge 160K.

    Upgrade Costs Changed
    To upgrade a unit, the costs have gone from 2 * shield_difference to 3 * shield_difference. Thus, a horse to knight upgrade which used to cost 2 * (70-30) = 80 gold now costs 3 * (70-30) = 120 gold. Leonardo's Workshop still halves the upgrade cost (to 1.5 * shield_difference).

    Map Trading and Communications
    Map trading moved from available with Map Making to Printing Press.
    Communications trading moved from available with Map Making to Navigation.

    Sub Bug Back
    The AI will now assault invisible units again, even of peaceful nations, causing war. Invisible units (subs in the main game but many in conquests) often foretell the outbreak of much war. Using the "Goto" command as a human will cause the same behavior.

    Conquest Scenarios
    9 Conquest Scenarios are included as part of C3C. They are -- Mesoamerica, Mesopotamia, Rise of Rome, Fall of Rome, Age of Discovery, Middle Ages, Napeleonic Europe, Sengoku, and World War II: Pacific. Each comes with some distinct units and utilizes different win conditions.
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  3. Arathorn

    Arathorn Catan player

    Jan 10, 2002
    Thanks for the comments and suggestions, LulThyme, SirPleb and Longasc. I don't know what you meant, punkbass2000, so I changed nothing. Was that in reference to the revolution time mentioned by SirPleb? That's the only change to religious that I can think of.

    Any other changes I should be aware of/note?

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  4. punkbass2000

    punkbass2000 Des An artiste

    Apr 16, 2002
    A(sia) Minor
    Yeah, that was it.
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  5. Doc Tsiolkovski

    Doc Tsiolkovski Deity

    May 4, 2003
    Köln, Cologne, Colonia. Finally.
    1) SEA also gives half-priced Coastal Fortresses (fwiw...)
    2) Smith's is now COM and SEA as well.
    3) Under Fascism, you don't need the majority of citizens before producing culture, only not the minority (tie is enough).
    4) You should add 'Pop-rushing' to the descriptions of Fascism and Feudalism.
    5) Add enslavement results to JT, Privateer and MoW.
    6) AGR gives +1fpt for irrigated Desert.
    7) City bombardment now usally targets units first.

    Ruins have been in PtW already.

    What about other (minor) bugs? Great Library now working odd, successful Bombardment against cities of the Civ owning the Great Wall destroying the Palace or Great Wonders, World Size bug, Braindead Barbarians, etc. Too confusing, IMHO.

    Great job, Arathron!
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  6. classical_hero

    classical_hero In whom I trust

    Jan 30, 2003
    Perth,Western Australia
    Another thing is missing, it is minor though. We need a list of the SGL's for all the civs before the Conquests expansion pack.
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  7. punkbass2000

    punkbass2000 Des An artiste

    Apr 16, 2002
    A(sia) Minor
    ...there were no SGLs before C3C.
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  8. classical_hero

    classical_hero In whom I trust

    Jan 30, 2003
    Perth,Western Australia
    That's why it is in this list. We do not have a list of the SGL's in the CIA part of the Front page, so adding that to those civs that are Pre-C3C when they are played in C3C. I think you misunderstood what i meant.
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  9. punkbass2000

    punkbass2000 Des An artiste

    Apr 16, 2002
    A(sia) Minor
    I think so too.
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  10. bob rulz

    bob rulz Prince

    Feb 15, 2004
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    Really? Wow. :eek: I didn't know that. Is this true?
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  11. The Last Conformist

    The Last Conformist Irresistibly Attractive

    Aug 25, 2001
    Not on your side
    It's true.
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  12. Ansar

    Ansar Détente avec l'été

    May 20, 2005
    Ithaca, NY (soon)
    Celts are agricultural. In [ptw] they were Militaristic.;)
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  13. Donny Brook

    Donny Brook Warlord

    Sep 9, 2004
    A razed city square loses its "roaded" status (whereas the road remained in PTW/Vanilla).

    Careful...you can destroy a wonder in C3C with bombardment.

    H'wacha has lethal land bombardment. Seems it may have been turned off in PTW.
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  14. chrissifniotis

    chrissifniotis GoogleCiv 2.0.0 coming...

    Mar 21, 2009
    Sydney, Australia
    I'd like to know, where can I find information on the hidden civilization from C3C?
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  15. vmxa

    vmxa Deity Supporter

    Feb 9, 2004
    Oviedo, Fl
    This may be worth a sticky. Maybe in the Strat Articles forum.
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  16. MPK

    MPK prince

    Nov 23, 2011
    Auckland, New Zealand
    I think most of what I read that I understood sounds great. Well beyond my capabilities.
    On the point of the Aztec been Agricultural and Militaristic, I think this is not right. They were more Religious than Agricultural, and more an Expansionist than Agricultural. They mostly relied on Tribute than actual farming for themselves. They had a basic diet that often included adding Lime Stone to food to make it go further. Apart from Turkey and Dog, Corn, Squash and beans were their main sources of stable diet, All 3 giving vastly lesser yields than wheat. Their Rulers [ tlatoani ] were chosen seemingly based on religious and Military notions...first a Soldier to conquer and expand their lands, then a Priestly ruler to convert and rule over them.

    So in my view I would see them as Militaristic and Religious and also Expansionist.. but not Agricultural.

    What your doing is tremendous. :)

    PS: I read the Civilpedia on the Aztec,,, not very accurate.
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  17. Takhisis

    Takhisis Jinping, wer fragt uns?

    Jul 11, 2005
    up yours.
    What a bump!
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  18. Ageless Monarch

    Ageless Monarch Chieftain

    Dec 14, 2012
    I agree with MPK the Aztecs should be Militaristic & Religious!
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