Civ4 Mod Spotlight Videos

Seems simple enough. Prepare to get a screenshot of this thread :lol:

I mean I'm not an artist. What else can I do to be featured here? :think:
Any Civ4 mod would be appropriate.

If you want, you can PM me when you all upload your CIv4Col updates and I'll make a video!
Woohoo, thanks topsecret for kicking off the New Year in style! 🎉

Great to see you back in action @Darkator :goodjob:

You already know how to do this one, pretty sure.

Pop over there and remind me what video tutorials you want.
I need input to make better thumbnails. Which thumbnail do you like better, the first or the second?


October 2023 Database.png

JanFeb 2024 Database.png
Thanks for the mention. Slightly scary idea to be spoken about, but it wasn't too bad, I mean, not bad at all, and surely nothing compared to recording a video. :thumbsup: Also appreciate your excitement about the tiger costume; sure is something. User name's indeed supposed to be Firpo. I seem to recall having had to create a new account long ago due to some technical problem. :think: And this is how I lost the eye.

Thumbnail? The 1280x720 preview pics? I guess I can't be impartial. One has a tiger and a lion in it.
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