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Feb 11, 2010
At the Foot of the Cross
Civilization IV Modding Spotlights



Welcome to Civilization IV modding spotlight videos. I already have a YouTube channel uploading modding tutorial videos, and now I'm uploading new videos on modding spotlights. We're starting with a video on the latest uploads to the database, with an eye towards examining unique, fun, and crazy uploads in the coming weeks. Hope you'll watch with me.


What videos would you like to see? Leave suggestions here or send me a message to let me know. I've got some ideas for some exciting videos in the days ahead including looking at some really awesome units and Civilizations that have been uploaded in the past. I also want to do a series on modular stuff that's plug and play.

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Database Monthly Spotlights
September 2023

October 2023:

November and December 2023:

January and February 2024:

Creator Spotlights

Chuggi (Ancient Era Units):
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Oh cool, this will be fun! Looking forward to more of these, thanks topsecret.

Thank you also to our featured modders @Kathy @Jarmrik @keldath - thank you very much for all your hard work and creativity this month, not to mention the past months and... years!! :wow: :old: :cheers:

I hope to join your ranks soon! Now I've really got to crank up production on my Ancient Anatolia / Mediterranean mod :yup:

Best wishes to all for a high- flying modding month of November~!!
This is a great addition to the forum and I will most certainly keep an eye out for updates.

While we are on this topic of mod components, there is one issue, which I'm not happy with. There seems to be some "us and them" mentality between modding BTS and Colonization. Reality is however that Colonization is mainly a total overhaul mod of BTS meaning the engine underneath is the same. This means same graphics, same audio, same xml (pre-modded anyway). The only real difference is that Colonization for some reason uses a different palette for terrains meaning some conversion is needed for color accuracy. All other graphics should just work unmodified if copied between those two games.

Colonization has however never had as much of a mod component setup. It has always been more of just adding directly to mods and copy between mods (generally with permission first). As a result, graphic updates are mentioned in git logs rather than some mod component download list. For the purpose of a monthly video like this, that might actually make the activity sort of invisible.

As for updates to Colonization mods the past month, the main news is that we released We The People 4.1 (yeah shameless self promotion :mischief:). I will point out the on topic part of the changelog.

Graphic updates (new or improved):
- Achievements: 71
- Bonuses: 7
- Buttons: 9
- Units: 26
Granted this is since April, so not a monthly update, but it's still newly released within the past month (or more specifically released last Friday).
New Video:

Today we take a look at some units from the past, Chuggi's Ancient Era units! Check 'em out in the video and put them in your mod.

Ancient Units by Chuggi
I'll tag @Chuggi but I don't think he has been active in several years.

Be on the lookout for more videos soon!
Oh cool! This is a great format, I really like your Creator Spotlight. Chuggi's creations have definitely stood the test of time. Thank you very much topsecret for showcasing his units and linking all of them! :goodjob:
its so nice that you are doing that.

wish civ4 would have had a bigger players pool these days.
I'm trying to help with that. :)

Modding is the key, as it expands what the game has to offer.

In general news, I'm going to try to upload something at least once a week. Be on the lookout for a new video next week in my tutorials thread.
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