Civ4s lack of dam information!


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May 18, 2005
So I am in a game where I got spawned on a very large island/continent by myself. I took over the entire thing and only have one city elsewhere I managed to claim before the AI giving me 2 fur and whale (the spot is otherwise not very good but the resources alone are absolutely worth it)

The other kicker is, there is absolutely no rivers in the entire continent. A couple small lakes but no rivers. Actually one river in a tiny corner I hadn't shoved a city on yet since nearby cities have most of the tiles claimed anyway.

So I rushed to get to the tech to build Three Gorge Dam. My capital is a absolute production powerhouse to the point of me having it produce gold so the extra production doesn't go to waste. So I figured I could get that dam built pretty quickly.
But when I got the tech, no option to build 3G. I assumed the AI beat me to it.

The in game text for Three Gorge Dam says nothing about the city needing to be on a river. I only found this by happenstance when I was looking up the odds of nuclear plants exploding. So I go back to my game and quickly get a settler on that corner with a tiny bit of river, and what do you know I can still build three gorge! Of course the city is going to take forever to build it since I haven't gotten it there yet. But no harm in starting now.


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Somewhat related to this, Space elevator also has some unclear requirements on longitude/latitude? of its location. Can't be to far from the equator, but how far exactly is not very obvious; there is a thread about this on the forum I believe.
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