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Civ6 6otM 06 Opening actions

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Game Of The Month' started by Knowtalent, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. nikAlto

    nikAlto Chieftain

    Aug 26, 2009
    Late to this GOTM as I play on a Mac and the update patch only just released.

    I also don't think I've ever had a victory above Prince difficulty. Still learning the ropes. Its been a bumpy first 100 turns!

    - Where did you settle your city? In place.

    - What did you research and which policies did you choose and why? I have my eye on a quick route to Computers, but being Immortal I have been focussing on military as well. I have crossbowmen and knight techs. Nervous about getting raided by other Civs (which was well founded - see below).
    With Civics I went PP. Feudalism. Now on my way to Exploration (for Merchant Republic), and the Civic below that in the tree, which gives the Arch Museum.

    - What was your build order? I am undecided if an initial Scout build is worth it. You get to explore and potential goody huts, but it seems a waste of production when i really want three quick slingers. Due to this being Immortal, I went Slinger, Slinger, Slinger, Archer, Archer, then a couple of builders, and a couple of settlers.

    - How soon did you build a District? Which ones did you prioritize? Had a Lavra out about turn 50. Not much else. Lots of districts commenced, but not many finished. Had some heavy warring that got me distracted in first 100 turns. Aiming for 2 campuses, theatre districts everywhere, 1 encampment, then commercial districts everywhere after the TD are down.

    - How did you place your districts? Not getting many adjacency bonuses with this map ...

    - Did you emphasize expansion? How many cities have you built/captured in the first 100 turns? I have three cities captured from Egypt. And 5 of my own. One more about to be settled. Then I think one extra and will be done with my island.

    - How did you play your governance cards, priorities? Started with the +1 faith card for a Pantheon, then it is been the military card which reduces unit cost, and flipping between settler and builder cards. Nothing too earth shattering!

    - What City-States did you meet and which ones did you cultivate to your side?
    I've met the two on the island. The cultural one and the production one. And one other cultural one. Only 3 in total. Have not been out exploring the map, other than my own island, yet.

    - Were your neighbors peaceful? I declared on Egypt very early. But war was protracted. I messed up capturing the capital. It said my warrior attack would be "ineffective", or something similar, but I thought I would give it a go. Lost the unit! Then had to build another and get it there, and in the meantime Egypt settled another city. Took me to about turn 45 to eliminate them. Turn 75 - DOW'd by Sythia and Sumeria. Sigh. Sythia did nothing. Sent some missionaries my way. But none used yet. They seem to be idling in the one location. Not sure what that was about. Sumeria more aggressive. Captured a city with a caravel (didn't know you could do that). It took me a long time with archers to get the city back. War lasted about 30 turns. All peaceful now for the time being.

    - How were the Barbarians? Thankfully, not too much of a pain. Spawning every now and then, but units are easily dealt with.

    - Any surprises? None yet. I like my island. Annoying, Sythia has established one town on it - up in the NW corner, past all the rainforest and City States. Otherwise it is all mine!. Cultural victory will be hard. One unmet Civ has a tonne of domestic tourists. Think I will need to take them out to get the victory. Not sure I will be able to finish this one, but will keep going and learning.
  2. Saykor

    Saykor Chieftain

    Feb 13, 2002
    - Where did you settle your city?
    In place
    - What was your build order?
    scout, builder, slinger
    - How soon did you build a District? Which ones did you prioritize?
    In turn 75 i start to build CD
    - How did you place your districts?
    Depend of the bonus
    - Did you emphasize expansion? How many cities have you built/captured in the first 100 turns?
    I build 7 and capture 3 cities from Egypt and kill it. Capture few settlers from Egypt and Scythia.
    - What City-States did you meet and which ones did you cultivate to your side?
    I suze both city-states on my continent
    - Were your neighbors peaceful?
    Who know? I declare them a war.
    - How were the Barbarians?
    Take busy few of my armies.
    - Any surprises?

    Spoiler :

  3. ShinigamiKenji

    ShinigamiKenji King

    Nov 8, 2016
    My very, very late submission. I gave up on GotM7 because I couldn't have a good chance even when I survived.

    Where did you settle your city?

    NW tile, in the middle of the Woods. Didn't want to waste the hill there.

    What did you research and which policies did you choose and why?
    Techs: Animal Husbandry > Archery > Mining > Pottery > Irrigation > Astrology > Writing > Currency. Got too late for a Great Prophet with late Astrology.
    Civics: Usual beeline to Political Philosophy > Usual beeline to Feudalism. A detour to time some late Builders with Feudalism.

    What was your build order?
    Slinger > Slinger > Builder > Slinger > Slinger > Warrior > Settler. If I knew only Egypt was in the continent, I'd get that Settler much faster, but better safe than sorry.

    How soon did you build a District? Which ones did you prioritize?
    Tried to build some Lavras around turn 40, but by then other Civs had at least 6 GPP to get a religion. Later, St. Petersburg got a CD around turn 70. For now, it's been mostly CDs and Harbours. Gotta get those extra trade routes for tourism.

    How did you place your Districts?
    Most got CDs around the place. An EC was placed in Novgorod for Colosseum (which might reach 8 cities if I chop it in time). Harbour were also placed and some IZs for later too.

    Did you emphasize expansion? How many cities have you built/captured in the first 100 turns?
    My style has been heavy early expansion. Got 16 cities by turn 100, 2 captured from Egypt and the rest settled (though Egypt has kindly given me 2 free Settlers). I still plan to settle at least 2 more, maybe 3.

    How did you play your governance cards, priorities?
    Usual policies: Discipline/Urban Planning, then Agoge, Conscription, Colonization, Charismatic Leader, Ilkum and Serfdom. You can't go much wrong with these.

    What City-States did you meet and which ones did you cultivate to your side?
    Mohenjo-Daro, Carthage, Kabul and Preslav. The last 2 I met in the past 10 turns, so I couldn't really send envoys there. Mohenjo-Daro got 3 envoys for the suzerain bonus. Even if I can't get it permanently, at least I can delay Granaries in my cities without fresh water for a bit. Carthage didn't get any envoys yet, but will be the next to get one (possibly 3).

    Were your neighbors peaceful?
    If Cleo's denouncement for "being weak" doesn't count, then yes. Though I declared war when a Settler approached, then took her out. Who's weak now, b**** of the Mediterranean?

    How were the Barbarians?
    Mostly tame, which is refreshing after they frustrated my plans so much in the GotM7. Nothing that an Archer or two couldn't manage.

    Any surprises?
    Holy sheep, the map is filled to the brim with resources. Was Abundant Resources enabled?

    Here's the screenshot so far.

    Attached Files:

  4. culdeus

    culdeus Emperor

    Aug 8, 2005
    Where we live today, sports.
    Got a late start on this one and probably won't finish in time to submit. I have control of my continent with the exception of the two C-S which I think I'm going to take out to expand over the whole continent and then just turtle and try to finish as fast as possible.

    I worry that a lack of open borders will be difficult to get the tourists though with the warmonger penalty perhaps preventing O-B and will ultimately ruin my game. I wonder if anyone managed to take down the two C-S and still get OB from other CIV? Germany/Scythia had an early joint DOW on me for no reason at all so people already hate me even though Cleo DOW me and I wiped her out down to one city she managed to put way up in the north somewhere I can't find.
  5. Half Nelson

    Half Nelson Ancient Mariner Supporter

    Jun 10, 2006
    Dundee, Scotland
    By turn 100 I had 7 cities (4 built settlers, 1 stolen from Scythia and 2 Egyptian cities). Lavra priorities in most cities, seems very strong for culture even if the holy-site adjacencies are rather thin on this map. Met all bar 2 AI, already ahead in culture in score.
    I am assuming (hoping) the Feb 1 deadline means I can submit on that date but not Feb 2 or later. Or I am wrong there ....??

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